№ 15 — Stanley Park, British Columbia, Canada

Actu­al­ly, I know exact­ly why. First of all, we always trav­el dur­ing the off sea­son. Sec­ond­ly, I always kind of wish for a lit­tle less than per­fect weath­er because it makes for more inter­est­ing pic­tures, but more often than not, Moth­er Nature’s inter­pre­ta­tion of a lit­tle less than per­fect weath­er is a lit­tle off. The weath­er is usu­al­ly worse than I’d like it to be. But eh, I always end up hav­ing fun any­way. When I’m grumpy while trav­el­ling, it’s nev­er because of the weath­er. It’s always because of some­thing else.

Any­way, Brock­ton Point Light­house (built in 1914) is the light­house in the fore­ground of the pho­to and in the back­ground is the city of Van­cou­ver. Brock­ton Point is the most east­er­ly part of Stan­ley Park. At 1,001 acres, Stan­ley Park is quite large (as a com­par­i­son, Cen­tral Park in New York City is 843 acres in size) and has a long his­to­ry. It has been des­ig­nat­ed a Nation­al His­toric Site of Cana­da.

I didn’t get to see much of Stan­ley Park so I don’t real­ly have much to say about it. It was just one of the quick stops we made while explor­ing Van­cou­ver. The views from along the water­front are quite amaz­ing and I would have loved to stick around for a while and walk some of the trails but alas, there were still so many oth­er places to see in our short time there. Maybe some oth­er time.

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