Stale Weekend Wrap-up

In case you’re won­der­ing about how the Pic­ture the Cure Again show I was talk­ing about last week went, it went fine. I got one pic­ture sold on the open­ing night, which was cool. We got six friends show­ing up and some of them bought pic­tures. Even we bought a pic­ture (for when we have a house because all the walls in our tiny apart­ment are tak­en). That’s the con­densed ver­sion of how Sat­ur­day went any­way. The unabridged ver­sion is behind the cut.

Before going to the show, we went to the Roy­al Ontario Muse­um. We parked the car near our friends’ con­do in Davisville then took the sub­way to the muse­um. Our friends let us use their sub­way pass­es so it was free sub­way rides for us! Yay! Before we entered the muse­um, we had some street meat (i.e. hot dogs) and I end­ed up hav­ing ketchup all over my cash­mere sweater. Fan­tas­tic. The first thing I did once we got into the muse­um was try­ing to find a wash­room so I could wash off the ketchup from my sweater since I didn’t real­ly want to wear a ketchup-smeared sweater to the show. That’d be gross. Luck­i­ly, the ketchup washed off quite eas­i­ly. No bleach required. Phew!

We only had two hours to check out the muse­um which we lat­er found wasn’t enough. We spent most of our time check­ing out the skele­tons of some pre­his­tor­i­cal ani­mals and read­ing about them. Have I ever told you that Ptero­dactyl is one of my favourite words? Ptero­dactyl, fjord, see the pat­terns? I like words start­ed with two con­so­nants! Any­way, we saw some Ptero­dactyls skele­tons. They were cool. Trust me, our vis­it to the muse­um was a lot more inter­est­ing than this lame sto­ry.

After our vis­it to the muse­um, we took anoth­er sub­way ride and then walked to a Malaysian restau­rant for din­ner with friends. There were some Indone­sian dish­es in the menu but I wasn’t sure about the authen­tic­i­ty so instead of order­ing any of those, I just ordered a Malaysian dish, Nasi Lemak, which turned out to be not as good as what I had in Van­cou­ver. The anchovies or ikan bilis were buried deep inside the tamarind sauce. I actu­al­ly had to dig for them. Still, it was a pret­ty sat­is­fy­ing din­ner and every­one seemed to enjoy what they ordered.

After din­ner, we walked across the Chi­na­town to the gallery where Pic­ture the Cure Again was. Google Map said it was only a 0.6 km walk but it felt much longer than that. We had to walk back to the sub­way sta­tion after the show a cou­ple of hours lat­er and it didn’t take long for me to slow down con­sid­er­ably. My legs felt like they were made of stone. So heavy. So tired. Even the next day my legs still felt heavy. I walked a lot more than that when we were in Win­nipeg but didn’t feel that tired. What’s up with that?

The next day, we went to a cam­era show in Thorn­hill and I scored 28 rolls of film — includ­ing 5 rolls of Agfa Opti­ma that Lomog­ra­phy is sell­ing for 16 dol­lars exclud­ing ship­ping — for 15 dol­lars. Hap­pi­ness! Then we went to IKEA to have cheap lunch and Troy bought me some cac­tii and daf­fodil bulbs. We spent the rest of the day thrift store hop­ping until we were thrift stored out. Then we went to a gro­cery store to buy the stuff I need­ed to make Rice Krispy bars because I was crav­ing for those. I start­ed mak­ing them as soon as we got home and they were so good! I made anoth­er batch yes­ter­day but they weren’t as good as the first batch. Oh well.

Anoth­er week­end is com­ing up and it’s the week­end before my birth­day! Yay! We’ll kick off the birth­day week­end by hav­ing din­ner at my favourite Men­non­ite restau­rant on Fri­day night. Can’t wait! I’m hun­gry already. Mmm, broast­ed chick­en

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  1. The one we’re going is locat­ed in the small vil­lage of Mill­bank, which is about half an hour out­side Water­loo. The restau­rant is called Anna Mae’s. The place is always packed despite its loca­tion, which is in the mid­dle of nowhere. And it’s closed on Sun­days.

  2. You should come vis­it and we’ll go to the Nat­ur­al HIs­to­ry Muse­um in Lon­don — they have a ter­rif­ic dino exhib­it and many oth­er very cool long-dead ani­mals and plants and such. Is bril­liant. Also — would love to try the men­non­ite place. am intrigued by the ‘broast­ed’ chick­en!!

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