№ 12 — Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

While my hus­band was stuck in Rich­mond hav­ing fun at a con­fer­ence, I was out with his par­ents explor­ing (get­ting lost in Van­cou­ver was a lot of fun). I think the orig­i­nal plan was to go up to Whistler but all the con­struc­tion work going on (they were get­ting ready for the Van­cou­ver Win­ter Olympics) made the dri­ve too slow for our lik­ing and we only got as far as Squamish before we decid­ed to make our way back to Van­cou­ver.

I read some­where that there was a nice beach there in Squamish so we drove around try­ing to find it and some­how end­ed up at this spot that appar­ent­ly was a set for some TV show. There were some peo­ple doing work on the set but no film­ing was going on. The TV show was called The Guard and it only last­ed two sea­sons. I’d always meant to watch an episode but nev­er got around to it and the next thing I knew, it was can­celled.

I wish I could show you a 360° view of this spot because it was real­ly quite stun­ning with a big rocky moun­tain on one side and a fjord — Howe Sound — with sea green water on the oth­er side (as you can see in the pic­ture). Since I can’t, you just have to take my words for it. :-) 

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