Spring is the Time to Grow

Looks like Spring is final­ly here, though no guar­an­tee on how long it’s going to last (we’ve had snow in May before). I final­ly got around to plant­i­ng some seeds we picked up from the dol­lar store this morn­ing. Three pack­ets for a buck! Though I am won­der­ing what my chance to suc­ceed with these seeds is like. Have you had any luck grow­ing plants from dol­lar store seeds? I’d be inter­est­ed to know. If the chance is minus­cule, I won’t get my hopes up to avoid dis­ap­point­ment.

I also have the box con­tain­er in the bal­cony to fill up. I usu­al­ly plant some flow­ery annu­als there but this year I feel like plant­i­ng some cat grass, even though we don’t have any cats. I just like how green it looks. So a trip to a pet store is in order (for the cat grass seeds, not a cat).

I love plant­i­ng, even if I have a black thumb.

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