Somewhere Out There

Bridge Over the Avon

You know what? I think we’re real­ly spoiled liv­ing where we are. We have a beau­ti­ful down­town area, awe­some Shake­speare Fes­ti­val (and no, they don’t per­form Shakespeare’s plays only), a gro­cery store across the street, free access to a heat­ed, indoor swim­ming pool… When we final­ly move out of this town (not sure when it will hap­pen), I know I’m going to miss those things. What am I not going to miss? The win­ter! This town always gets a boat­load of snow in the win­ter, which means a lot of shov­el­ing. I like snow, but not in exces­sive amount. Tourists seem to think this town is heav­en, but that’s because they nev­er expe­ri­enced win­ter here. Still, we’re lucky to live on one of the main streets. The city plow our street ear­ly and even plow the side­walk as well some­times, and when they don’t do the side­walk, one of the neigh­bours will.

This town is not a bad place to live in, but why do I feel like my heart belongs some­where else?

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