Welcome to Fish & Custard!

This is my first post here at the new domain, wannabegirl.org! In case you didn’t come here from wannabegirl.org and there­fore didn’t get to read what I post­ed there, I did some­thing impul­sive yes­ter­day. I reg­is­tered a new domain and then decid­ed to move my blog over because: 

  1. I’ve always want­ed a domain name with the word “and” in it because it allows me to use an amper­sand in the logo and amper­sand is one of my favourite things ever;
  2. I love Doc­tor Who and fish fin­gers and cus­tard is the 11th Doctor’s favourite food so this domain is an homage to my most favourite TV show ever; and
  3. I feel like, after 14 years, I’m final­ly too old to be blog­ging under a domain name with the word “girl” in it.

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The Obligatory Fourteenth Blogiversary Post

Weblog Wannabe turned 14 years old today! Hap­py birth­day, dear old blog! My god you’re old!

There have been times when I felt like pulling the plug on the blog but I just couldn’t do it. This is where I met my hus­band! I know this is only a vir­tu­al place and nobody cares about this blog oth­er than me and per­haps my hus­band, but it’s stay­ing for the time being, albeit in a some­what comatose state. I did post sev­en­teen updates to the blog last year, most­ly before our trip to Ice­land. My goal this year is to post more, even if it’s only one more update than I did last year. I think it’s doable. :-)
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Belated 13th Blogiversary Bloggage

The Big Red Lighthouse

Hap­py 13th birth­day, my dear blog! Here’s a lit­tle birth­day present: a new look!

Some­times I’d think of some­thing and thought, hey, that would be an inter­est­ing top­ic to write about on the blog. But then I’d sit down and start writ­ing only to decide that the top­ic was bor­ing, and even if it wasn’t, no one would care any­way because per­son­al blog is a thing of the past, and I’d aban­don the post. Can’t com­pete with Face­book where one can get ton­nes of com­ments just by post­ing a line of cryp­tic Face­book sta­tus. Per­son­al blog post: big effort, small to no gain. Cryp­tic Face­book sta­tus: zero effort, big gain.
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If you fol­low me on Twit­ter, you would know that I’m cur­rent­ly obsessed with Pinwheel.com. No, not Pin­ter­est. Pin­wheel. It’s a site where you can find and leave notes on places around the world. You can leave a note about your first home or your favourite ice cream place or your favourite place in the world or any place at all.
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And Then We Are 12

Twelve years ago, hav­ing decid­ed to aban­don my old Diary­land jour­nal, I came across a list of weblogs in someone’s Pitas (remem­ber Diary­land’s sup­pos­ed­ly cool­er sis­ter Pitas?). After vis­it­ing a bunch of them, I decid­ed that I want­ed to have one of my own so I could share all the cool stuff I found in my web mean­der­ings, of which I did a lot because I had no life. 

After research­ing ton­nes of free web space providers, I dubbed Freespeech.org the win­ner. Free web space with no ads! Per­fect! So I signed up for an account, set Blog­ger to post via FTP to it (Blogspot hadn’t exist­ed yet) and voila! A new weblog was born. I named it Weblog Wannabe because I wasn’t real­ly sure what a weblog real­ly was but real­ly want­ed it to be a weblog. Not the most cre­ative name ever but I thought it was catchy.

My first mon­th of blog­ging is so full of name-drop­ping.

My sec­ond mon­th of blog­ging is even more so with some bad pseudo-poet­ry writ­ten for oth­er weblog­gers thrown in for good mea­sure.

My third mon­th of blog­ging… My god, peo­ple actu­al­ly read this CRAP?!?

I think a lot of peo­ple used to vis­it my weblog only because they felt sor­ry for this poor Indone­sian girl with no life. It’s the only log­i­cal expla­na­tion I could think of for the hun­dreds of vis­its I used to get dai­ly. But thanks to my read­ers’ com­pas­sion and their gen­er­ous offers of friend­ship, I man­aged to sur­vive some of the tough­est times of my life. It’s too bad that I no longer have most of the read­ers I used to have because I real­ly want all of them to know how much their emails and com­ments meant to me. They meant a lot. They helped keep­ing me going.

And then along came Troy, the nerd with whom I end­ed up tying the knot. He wouldn’t have found me if he hadn’t been a read­er of zannah’s blog and zan­nah hadn’t been friends with Bryan and Bryan hadn’t post­ed a link to my wee blog on his. But he was and they were and he did, and so he found my weblog sev­er­al months after I start­ed blog­ging and became a reg­u­lar. The next year, he sent me a friend­ly email and we start­ed chat­ting on ICQ and we con­tin­ued to do so almost every day. I’m pret­ty sure he thought I was a psy­cho sev­er­al chats in but he stuck around any­way. For years. Even after I pissed him off count­less of times with my stub­born­ness. A man after my own heart. :)

TL;DR, we even­tu­al­ly met in 4D in 2004 and his first impres­sion of me was that I was stinky. True sto­ry.

I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am to have start­ed this thing 12 years ago. It has improved and enriched my life in so many ways. Thanks, ye olde blog, for allow­ing me to meet so many inter­est­ing, kind, and gen­er­ous peo­ple from all over the world and most impor­tant­ly, for send­ing me a top-notch hus­band. You rock! Hap­py 12!