She Sells Sea Shells

Last Mon­day, my hus­band had to go to Orlan­do, Flori­da for a train­ing and I was left alone to my own device for 4 days/3 nights. I know, right? A train­ing? At The Hap­pi­est Place On Earth™? What was he train­ing to be? Mick­ey Mouse? Well, it actu­al­ly had some­thing to do with robots, because he’s just that kind of guy.

Any­way, he came home yes­ter­day, sun­burned and all, bear­ing gifts: the sea shells in the pic­ture above that he picked up from Cocoa Beach (I’m assum­ing) and two packs of Milk Duds (I actu­al­ly request­ed the lat­ter because I nev­er had any and I don’t think we have those in Cana­da). I sniffed the sea shells, hop­ing they’d still smell like the ocean, but alas, no luck. I even got to touch some Florid­i­an grains of sand that were still stick­ing to his swim­ming trunk! I know, so lucky!

Penne with creamy pesto, shrimps, and sweet tomatoes. Yum!
Penne with creamy pesto, shrimps, and sweet toma­toes. Yum!

I had pas­ta (first penne, and then fusil­li when I went out of penne) with home­made creamy pesto sauce, shrimps, and sweet toma­to every day while my hus­band was away. It was so yum­my. My mouth waters just think­ing about it. I made the pesto fol­low­ing this recipe which I’ve had book­marked for, like, ever. I made the pesto on Mon­day and it tast­ed much bet­ter the next day after overnight­ing in the fridge. I still have some pine nuts left (they’re very expen­sive!) so I might have to make more pesto soon. Just need to get more fresh basils. And shrimps. And sweet toma­toes.

Me and my sweet Moebius cowl.
Me and my sweet Moe­bius cowl.

I start­ed mak­ing a Möbius cowl (also known as an infin­i­ty scarf) a cou­ple of days ago and fin­ished it yes­ter­day. I was mak­ing it for my reddit’s Hats and Scarves Exchange match but when it was fin­ished, I real­ized that the end result would be too small for them, so I’m keep­ing this one and I’m mak­ing a big­ger one for my match. I think it looks good on me, if I say so myself. The pic­ture on the left has the cor­rect rep­re­sen­ta­tion of my skin tone but the incor­rect one of the scarf. The scarf looks more like in the pic­ture next to it. What? I like hav­ing my skin tone cor­rect­ly rep­re­sent­ed in pic­tures. It DOES NOT make me a weirdo! Also this is not an excuse to post anoth­er pho­to of my mug (two posts in a row, geez!). I just don’t have any­one else to mod­el my stuff for me.

Hey, it’s March already. Isn’t it crazy? New Year’s Eve feels like only yes­ter­day!

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  1. and i love your cats-eyes glass­es! Going to look for a pair myself today at this old shop in KK that still has unsold stocks from the 80s/90s ;)

    1. Ha, cool! Lucky you! My pair is more retro than vin­tage. More peo­ple should wear cat’s-eye glass­es! Can’t wait to see the pair you’ll end up with. :-) Hope you’ll post it on twit­ter!

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