№ 18 — Seljalandfoss, Iceland

We went to Sel­ja­land­foss before tak­ing a fer­ry to Heimaey in the West­man Islands/Vestmannaeyjar in the morn­ing. We got there before tour bus­es from Reyk­javik start­ed to arrive, which was a plus because we had the falls all to our­selves. The minus was we couldn’t spend a lot of time there because we had a fer­ry to catch. I also didn’t want my clothes to be all wet and my boots all mud­dy on the fer­ry ride so I didn’t do the walk behind the falls. My hus­band did, though. But then again, he’s always been more adven­tur­ous than me. Sel­ja­land­foss is love­ly and all but it’s not real­ly one of my favourites in Ice­land.

I was unable to take pic­tures of so many Ice­landic attrac­tions in all their glo­ry due to the lack of wide-angle lens (the widest I could get with my micro 4/3 cam­era was around 40mm) and it was quite frus­trat­ing for me at times. For those going to Ice­land, if you own a wide-angle lens, don’t for­get to pack it. If you don’t own one, buy or bor­row one from some­one! You won’t regret it. The next time we go there, I am so tak­ing my DSLR with an ultra-wide angle lens. Sure it would be heav­ier to car­ry but it’s not like we’ll have to go on a long hike or any­thing. Most Ice­land attrac­tions are locat­ed right by the side of the road! Just one of the rea­sons I love Ice­land, being a wimpy hik­er and all. :-)

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