Sad Day

Swing, Swing

When I checked my email for the first time this morn­ing, I got an email noti­fi­ca­tion from USPS telling me that my Diana+ cam­era had been sched­uled to be shipped on 11/19/2007, but evil Lomog­ra­phy got our address wrong. We gave them the cor­rect address when we ordered the cam­era but of course they had to screw up. I emailed Lomog­ra­phy to see if there’s any­thing they can do about it but, as expect­ed, there was no response.

As if that wasn’t frus­trat­ing enough, our scan­ner had to stop work­ing. I have so many rolls of 120 film to shoot and I’ve already had three rolls of film devel­oped but I have no way to dig­i­tize the pic­tures for shar­ing. The pho­to lab charges $20 for scan­ning a roll of 120 film into a CD, which is not afford­able at all. It real­ly makes me sad. I’m going to have to shoot only 35mm film for the time being since the drug­store will devel­op and scan the 35mm film and put the pic­tures in a CD, all in an afford­able pack­age. If any­thing, this gives me a rea­son to pick up one of those man­u­al film SLRs in our col­lec­tion and shoot with it. I’m still hop­ing for a mir­a­cle, that the scan­ner will start work­ing again tomor­row, but I know it’s not very like­ly.

I know I still have my dig­i­tal SLR and some of you might think I shouldn’t be com­plain­ing, but film is my favourite medi­um. If I were rich, I’d shoot film exclu­sive­ly. But I’m any­thing but rich and film pho­tog­ra­phy is so expen­sive these days. You see, I take great plea­sure in shoot­ing and scan­ning a cou­ple of rolls of film a month. Not being able to scan the film kind of makes me feel deprived of one of my life’s lit­tle plea­sures. It real­ly puts a damper on the glo­ri­ous fact that I got two box­es of my beloved Kodak Por­tra 400UC 120 film (expired, of course) from the cam­era show we went to on Sun­day.

Today is a sad day indeed.

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  1. I love film. I still shoot with it when I can… but that’s not too often any­more. It’s tough to even find a decent lab to have it devel­oped.

  2. If Lomog­ra­phy got your address wrong and it’s their mis­take and fault, you should hold them respon­si­ble.
    As for shoot­ing and scan­ning fiim: I have a Minol­ta film scan­ner for 35 mm film and a flatbed scan­ner for 120 film.
    I get my 35 mm film processed at the neigh­bor­hood 1 hour pho­to place and I ask them to process only, no prints. They charge $3 roll for that. I think that’s ok.
    120 film is a prob­lem. I have to bring it into Man­hat­tan to get it processed, unless I shoot b/w.
    Scan­ning is sort of fun, but quite time con­sum­ing. Remov­ing dust spots is not fun and is time con­sum­ing. Oth­er than that, I real­ly enjoy shoot­ing film.
    Check eBay for a used Epson 4990. That would save you quite a bit of mon­ey in the long run.

  3. We already ordered a new Epson 4490 of which I’ve heard good things from peo­ple on Flickr. I know Epson 4990 is a step up but it’s out of our price range. Didn’t even con­sid­er eBay. Would rather get it new with valid war­ran­ty.

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