Do you like my latest indoor garden art installation? :) It’s called “Jesus and His 5 Prickly Apostles”. I had three choices for the centre piece: Buddha, Jesus, and Yeti. Buddha is a bit too short to stand out and Yeti is a bit too tall. Jesus is just the right size. I’m rather proud of the final result.

4 of the 5 Prickly Apostles come from Ikea. We picked up three of them on Sunday. I did a blunder by watering the cactii right after repotting. I should’ve waited a week, but I didn’t learn about it until after I watered the plants. Ooopsie! I hope they’ll survive.

3 thoughts on this post

  1. rebecca says:

    Jesus is cactus. haha

  2. Jake Titus says:

    That center cacti normally has thorns just at the crown. Strange, you seem to have discovered a thornless hybrid version.

  3. Kaley says:

    Buddy Jesus!! Ha ha! My brother gave that figure to Nas for Christmas two years ago. He sat proudly in our office, watching over our research and writing and breakdowns – now I think he’s guarding the books across the room. Nasser also has a Bruce Lee – we should picture him in strange places…

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