№ 4 — Reynisfjara, Iceland

We arrived at Reyn­is­f­jara beach in South Ice­land at the same time a bus full of tourists did. We tried to rush towards the beach to get some pic­tures with­out the horde of tourists in it but, alas, they were too fast! Then the weath­er changed from cloudy to cloudy with some driz­zles and the wind start­ed to pick up. Soon we found our­selves stand­ing in the mid­dle of a storm. We saw some pret­ty big waves crash­ing against the basalt columns this beach is famous for. A bunch of tourists took cov­er in a shal­low cave. We just made sure we were stand­ing far enough from the water because the waves on this beach are known to be treach­er­ous. I heard it’s due to the fact that there is noth­ing between this beach and the South Pole.

Luck­i­ly the weath­er changed back to the way it was ear­li­er after 5–10 min­utes of stormy weath­er and the tourists took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to go back to the bus, except for this one guy who was busy tak­ing close-up pic­tures of the rocks. I fig­ured he must have thought we were part of the bus tour and the fact that we were still stick­ing around meant he was good. Just to let him know that we weren’t part of the tour, I asked my hus­band a lit­tle loud­ly (just loud enough for the tourist to over­hear me) where we’re plan­ning to dri­ve to after this and where we’re going to have lunch. Well, dude got the hint and he start­ed run­ning towards the bus. Good thing the bus hadn’t left with­out him. Final­ly, we had the love­ly beach all to our­selves. Win!

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