Refreshed, Rejuvenated, Redesigned


After try­ing on more Word­Press themes than I care to admit, I decid­ed to set­tle with the Typo­min­i­ma theme. Grant­ed that I had to add a bunch of fea­tures and mod­i­fied a bunch of things to it to fit my need, but I liked the bold typog­ra­phy and the lay­out so much, I didn’t mind hav­ing to do some extra work. In fact, I quite enjoyed the extra work as it helped me learn the inner work­ing of Word­Press. So much so that I think I’m ready to tack­le my next project, which is to cre­ate a Word­Press theme from scratch.

Here’s a list of mod­i­fi­ca­tions and addi­tions I did to the theme that I could remem­ber:

  1. Moved the search bar and sub­scrip­tion link from the top of the page to above the foot­er, just because I thought they looked out of place up there.
  2. Changed the markup of the blog title from div to H1 for bet­ter SEO.
  3. Changed the web font replace­ment ser­vice from Cufon (Typo Slab Serif) to Google Web Fonts (Vidalo­ka), most­ly because I wasn’t sure of the search engine-friend­li­ness of Cufon.
  4. Changed the colour scheme. I’ve always been a fan of “black and white and red all over.”
  5. Made thread­ed com­ment work with the theme. Kind of.
  6. Added “Edit” link to posts and com­ments.
  7. Added “Reply” link to com­ments.
  8. Added next and pre­vi­ous post nav­i­ga­tion links to every post.

Um, what else? I’m sure there are more. I just can’t remem­ber. Or maybe it just feels like there should be more because it took me two days worth of tin­ker­ing before I’m close to being hap­py with it.

One thing I would still like to do is add a com­ment link to the bot­tom of every post on the main page, which I already know how to do, but I don’t want it to show on main page posts with a “Read More” link. I don’t know if that sen­tence makes any sense, but if it does to you, and you know where I can find the script, I’d appre­ci­ate it if you could let me know. Also any feed­back as to read­abil­i­ty and brows­er com­pat­i­bil­i­ty would be much appre­ci­at­ed.

On a sort of relat­ed note, the importer script I used to migrate the posts from Mov­able Type to Word­Press didn’t trans­late the Mark­down markups on the orig­i­nal posts (I had Mark­down on by default on Mov­able Type) on import so some of the posts are still look­ing pret­ty ugly, but I’m grad­u­al­ly ren­der­ing the markups, one post at a time. Hope­ful­ly they’ll all be look­ing pret­ty in, say, 3 years from now. Heh.

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  1. Looks real­ly nice! I had a few issues with the import from MT to Word­Press too — lost most of my tags and some issues with line breaks; I’ve cor­rect­ed some posts but with near­ly 10 years of con­tent I ran out of steam after a while…

    I still remem­ber when you had four columns and lots of ducks — and it was one of the first themes I’d seen that didn’t use HTML tables in the design!

    1. Yeah, the importer is not the great­est. The Blog­ger importer didn’t work very well either. I tried to import the ancient posts from my Blog­ger days but it would only import one or two posts from every month.

      I hon­est­ly don’t remem­ber that four-col­umn design with lots of ducks, though I do remem­ber hav­ing a lot of ducks in my past blog designs. Will have to check the way­back machine and see if it’s there! :D

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