Random Things in My Head

– Between the heat­wave, design work, and Troy’s bro­ken lap­top, we def­i­nite­ly need more sleep.
— I’ve always want­ed to write about the three things that Indone­sia got right and Cana­da got wrong, but nev­er got around to it.
— If you’re curi­ous, it’s the food, the coins, and the movie tick­ets with seat num­ber.
— I still can’t tell the dimes from the nick­els. Well, maybe I could if I made more effort, but I can’t be both­ered.
— If our vin­tage cam­era col­lec­tion kept expand­ing at this rate, by the end of the sum­mer, we’d need to move to a big­ger apart­ment.
— Troy and I got a hair­cut yes­ter­day and we now look so sexy. Well, at least Troy does.
— I’ve been lis­ten­ing to a cov­er of Brit­ney Spears’ “Every­time” done by an Irish bloke over and over again since last week­end, and I still haven’t got tired of it yet. I think it’s the cel­lo (or is it a vio­lin?). You can down­load the song from here.
— I found justcurio.us through Jor­dan a cou­ple of nights ago and had a lot of fun there. I got some per­son in the States call­ing me a “stu­pid Cana­di­an” for spelling colour with a “u”. What can I say, I speak Eng­lish, not Amer­i­can.
— Speak­ing of rude peo­ple, I once had a very con­cerned Indone­sian man email­ing me about 6 or 7 years ago, telling me to remove my pho­tos from my home­page because he was wor­ried that the inter­na­tion­al world would think all Indone­sian women looked just as ugly as me.
— My home­page was one of the very few per­son­al home­pages by Indone­sian list­ed on Yahoo! at the time. I avoid­ed Yahoo! since because get­ting list­ed there seemed like an invi­ta­tion for rude peo­ple to vis­it. I still got two or three more sites list­ed on Yahoo! after that. And no, I didn’t sub­mit them.
— I don’t like rude peo­ple, but I realise that some­times I could be unin­ten­tion­al­ly rude due to my lack of social skills. That’s why I’d rather keep my mouth shut when I’m among peo­ple oth­er than Troy.
— Our wed­ding recep­tion is only 9 days away! I’m so excit­ed about being my own pho­tog­ra­ph­er dur­ing the recep­tion. I wish I’d been the one to take our wed­ding pic­tures. (And no, I’m not a pho­tog­ra­ph­er.)
— I can’t wait for our hon­ey­moon.
— God, how I miss Indone­sian food.


  1. In the USA, kids do home­work in kinder­gar­den and first grade adding up the val­ue of coins from pic­tures of pen­nies, nick­els, dimes and quar­ters. Besides the math­e­mat­i­cal val­ue, I’m con­vinced that it’s part­ly because of the nick­el-big­ger-than-dime thing, to learn which coins are worth how much.
    Shang­hai has num­bered movie seats too. I like choos­ing my seat.

  2. Dar­rick: We’re not in the GTA often but I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!
    Car­la: Num­bered seat­ing is fun because it ensures that those who come first get the best seats and while wait­ing for the movie to start, you can go some­where else with­out hav­ing to wor­ry about los­ing your seats to oth­er peo­ple.

  3. You’d rather go back to num­bered seat­ing? They have num­bered seat­ing in Por­tu­gal and it was the strangest thing I ever saw but then again it would be strange to me com­ing here from that expe­ri­ence.

  4. If you’re around the GTA/Mississauga, let me know, I can take u to one Malaysian/Singaporean/Indo restau­rant. It’s not real­ly Indo, but the cook is from Spore and the food is pret­ty good.

  5. Um, the dime, is quite a bit small­er than the nick­le! :) But I pay main­ly by deb­it card nowa­days, only just recent­ly saw the new $10 bill, lol.
    Not sure I like the movie the­atre num­bered seats and can’t com­ment on the Indone­sian food, I have yet to try it, but I will :)

  6. I agree with you total­ly on the rude­ness of some peo­ple. I can’t believe that guy told you that you were ugly. How rude. Great site!

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