Random Things in My Head

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— Between the heatwave, design work, and Troy’s broken laptop, we definitely need more sleep.
— I’ve always wanted to write about the three things that Indonesia got right and Canada got wrong, but never got around to it.
— If you’re curious, it’s the food, the coins, and the movie tickets with seat number.
— I still can’t tell the dimes from the nickels. Well, maybe I could if I made more effort, but I can’t be bothered.
— If our vintage camera collection kept expanding at this rate, by the end of the summer, we’d need to move to a bigger apartment.
— Troy and I got a haircut yesterday and we now look so sexy. Well, at least Troy does.
— I’ve been listening to a cover of Britney Spears’ “Everytime” done by an Irish bloke over and over again since last weekend, and I still haven’t got tired of it yet. I think it’s the cello (or is it a violin?). You can download the song from here.
— I found justcurio.us through Jordan a couple of nights ago and had a lot of fun there. I got some person in the States calling me a “stupid Canadian” for spelling colour with a “u”. What can I say, I speak English, not American.
— Speaking of rude people, I once had a very concerned Indonesian man emailing me about 6 or 7 years ago, telling me to remove my photos from my homepage because he was worried that the international world would think all Indonesian women looked just as ugly as me.
— My homepage was one of the very few personal homepages by Indonesian listed on Yahoo! at the time. I avoided Yahoo! since because getting listed there seemed like an invitation for rude people to visit. I still got two or three more sites listed on Yahoo! after that. And no, I didn’t submit them.
— I don’t like rude people, but I realise that sometimes I could be unintentionally rude due to my lack of social skills. That’s why I’d rather keep my mouth shut when I’m among people other than Troy.
— Our wedding reception is only 9 days away! I’m so excited about being my own photographer during the reception. I wish I’d been the one to take our wedding pictures. (And no, I’m not a photographer.)
— I can’t wait for our honeymoon.
— God, how I miss Indonesian food.