Rabbit Rabbit

Ooooh, Scary!

Happy Day-After-Hallowe'en and Happy November! Oh, and if you haven't already, it's not too late yet to say "rabbit rabbit".

So, how was your Hallowe'en? Did you get to wear a costume? Carve any pumpkin? I did carve a pumpkin. The plan was to do an Old-Timey Strong Bad but it ended up being, uh, something. I think that's what its name was. Something. Because we kept saying that it looked like something but we weren't sure what it was. Sadly, there's no photographic proof of it. We had to throw it out last week because we kept it indoor and our apartment is the warmest apartment in the world now that the heater is on and the poor pumpkin just turned mushy and moldy. So that's what happened to my very first Hallowe'en pumpkin. Didn't even make it to the Hallowe'en night. How sad.

We didn't do any Hallowe'en-related thing last night. We went to thrift stores instead. To avoid trick-or-treaters, Troy said. Which is a joke, because we never had any trick-or-treaters coming by our place. We came home with more books to make our already crowded apartment even more crowded.

Anyway, I wanted to participate in the NaBloPoMo (not to be mistaken with NaNoWriMo) but then thought that it wouldn't go with my No Pressure Blogging principle so I decided not to. But if you have a blog and would like to participate in the NaBloPoMo, you have until just before midnight today to sign up. You might win prizes!


  1. Rhea
    November 1, 2006

    I said Rab­bit, Rab­bit today! I don’t always remem­ber. Does it still count if I talked to my dog before say­ing it? Any­way, last night I wore a skull mask and dressed up my dog and went with 2 friends around my hood here in Boston. I am in my 40s but I love Hal­loween. Call me a late bloomer.

  2. Farah
    November 2, 2006

    Hey Fir­da! Apa kabar?
    I’m farah from Malaysia ;)
    Bloghopped from a link and here I am! Awe­some blog! your lay­out makes me smile..
    P/s: I love your works in fil­ckr.


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