Rabbit Rabbit

Ooooh, Scary!

Hap­py Day-After-Hallowe’en and Hap­py Novem­ber! Oh, and if you haven’t already, it’s not too late yet to say “rab­bit rab­bit”.

So, how was your Hallowe’en? Did you get to wear a cos­tume? Carve any pump­kin? I did carve a pump­kin. The plan was to do an Old-Timey Strong Bad but it end­ed up being, uh, some­thing. I think that’s what its name was. Some­thing. Because we kept say­ing that it looked like some­thing but we weren’t sure what it was. Sad­ly, there’s no pho­to­graph­ic proof of it. We had to throw it out last week because we kept it indoor and our apart­ment is the warmest apart­ment in the world now that the heater is on and the poor pump­kin just turned mushy and moldy. So that’s what hap­pened to my very first Hallowe’en pump­kin. Didn’t even make it to the Hallowe’en night. How sad.

We didn’t do any Hallowe’en-related thing last night. We went to thrift stores instead. To avoid trick-or-treaters, Troy said. Which is a joke, because we nev­er had any trick-or-treaters com­ing by our place. We came home with more books to make our already crowd­ed apart­ment even more crowd­ed.

Any­way, I want­ed to par­tic­i­pate in the NaBloPo­Mo (not to be mis­tak­en with NaNoW­riMo) but then thought that it wouldn’t go with my No Pres­sure Blog­ging prin­ci­ple so I decid­ed not to. But if you have a blog and would like to par­tic­i­pate in the NaBloPo­Mo, you have until just before mid­night today to sign up. You might win prizes!

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  1. I said Rab­bit, Rab­bit today! I don’t always remem­ber. Does it still count if I talked to my dog before say­ing it? Any­way, last night I wore a skull mask and dressed up my dog and went with 2 friends around my hood here in Boston. I am in my 40s but I love Hal­loween. Call me a late bloomer.

  2. Hey Fir­da! Apa kabar?
    I’m farah from Malaysia ;)
    Bloghopped from a link and here I am! Awe­some blog! your lay­out makes me smile..
    P/s: I love your works in fil­ckr.

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