Positive Vibes Needed

The Great White Frozen

When I checked my email first thing in the morn­ing, the only news I got was from my younger broth­er, telling me that one of my aunts in Indone­sia was in a hos­pi­tal and that my old­er broth­er was already there with her (she lives in anoth­er city, about four hours away from our home­town) and that he might join him tomor­row.

The first thought that came to my mind was, she was dying. And then came the guilt. We haven’t been in touch since I moved to Cana­da. I’ve always want­ed to send her some news but I don’t have her address and my broth­ers have been slack­ing from get­ting her address for me. Her birth­day is in Jan­u­ary. I bought her a card. It’s still sit­ting there on my desk.
I real­ly hope she’ll pull it through. Out of all my mother’s sis­ters, she’s my favourite. Just like my mum, she was always so proud of me, always spoil­ing me rot­ten (she’s unmar­ried, no kids of her own). There was always a birth­day card from her every year.

Any­way, I’m just post­ing this so I could ask you to send some pos­i­tive vibes her way. I don’t know how this pos­i­tive vibe thing works but if peo­ple all over the world are still request­ing it, it must be work­ing some­how. Just address the vibes to Firda’s Favourite Aunt, please, and thank you.

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