Pinhole Day

Cherry Blossoms

Pin­hole Day is only two days away! Well, tech­ni­cal­ly, it’s three days away, but since the last Sun­day of April this year is also East­er Sun­day, they will accept pin­hole pho­tos tak­en between April 23 and May 1. You don’t get three days a week to come up with a pin­hole pho­to to sub­mit to every year, I can tell you that much! That’s why I urge you to par­tic­i­pate. It’s fun, and you’ll be amazed with the results if it works out. Empha­sis on ‘if it works out’ because some­times it doesn’t, but you know, there’s always next year.

Last week I built myself a pin­hole cam­era out of a small­ish card­board box for the body and stuck to it is a roll film back from a vin­tage press cam­era we won in a live auc­tion in Paris (Ontario, not France) years ago. The pin­hole is made from my favourite mate­r­i­al: pie tin (the thin, dis­pos­able kind; easy to punc­ture). I meant to take it out for a test roll last week­end, but alas, the weath­er just wouldn’t coop­er­ate. I’ll just have to guessti­mate the expo­sure time this week­end.

I’m plan­ning on shoot­ing with the pin­hole cam­era while doing the annu­al egg hunt that the Strat­ford Fes­ti­val is hav­ing this Sat­ur­day. We did the egg hunt last year and were lucky enough to find one egg with a pair of free tick­ets inside to a play we hadn’t got tick­ets for yet. We’re hop­ing to be as lucky this year. Fin­gers crossed! I’m also cross­ing my fin­gers for a fair weath­er. This week’s weath­er has been quite icky.

Also on Sat­ur­day, Troy’s par­ents are tak­ing me out for a belat­ed birth­day din­ner and a cou­ple of friends are going to join us. After din­ner, I’m assum­ing we’re head­ing straight to the Avon The­atre to see the Grapes of Wrath that we all man­aged to get cheap tick­ets for. Should be inter­est­ing.

I kind of wish that tomor­row was Sat­ur­day but I kind of don’t. The house is messy and we need a day to clean up!

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