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Homemade Camera Strap Slipcover

My very first sewing project turned to be a cam­era strap slip­cov­er instead of a pil­low cov­er. I had been cov­et­ing one of those pimped-up cam­era strap slip cov­ers you can find all over Etsy for awhile but I was too cheap to buy one. I thought I’d wait until I got myself a sewing machine so I could make myself one. I made one yes­ter­day by fol­low­ing this tuto­r­i­al. It was pret­ty easy, even for some­one with next to zero sewing skills like myself.

I’m quite pleased with the result but in ret­ro­spect, I prob­a­bly should have used a thick­er fab­ric. I also should’ve fol­lowed the instruc­tions to the T and pressed the folds but damn, I hate iron­ing. I’m think­ing of mak­ing anoth­er one next week using a thick­er fab­ric just to see if I like it bet­ter. And then I’ll try to make a padded one. If any­thing, it’s a good sewing prac­tice and, as the cliché goes, prac­tice makes per­fect!

By the way, if you live in Ontario, Cana­da, Sal­va­tion Army thrift stores are the place to go for fab­ric. They have a good selec­tion with an afford­able price. Some­times you can even find some designer’s fab­ric. Fab­ric is about the only thing I buy when I go to thrift stores these days and my stash is get­ting big­ger and big­ger by the week! It’s good for me, but not so good for the state of the house since we have rather lim­it­ed stor­age space. My fab­ric col­lec­tion is just pil­ing up in the spare bed­room right now. Not good! Need fab­ric stor­age!

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