Picture the Cure Again

I donat­ed three prints to be auc­tioned off at the Pic­ture the Cure event last year to ben­e­fit Cana­di­an Can­cer Soci­ety. They didn’t get sold, but they’ll be up for sale again between Sat­ur­day, March 29 and April 4 in the Pic­ture the Cure Again ret­ro­spec­tive show at *Hot­shot Gallery in Kens­ing­ton Mar­ket, Toron­to, along with many oth­er great prints by artists from around the world, from the past three years of Pic­ture the Cure. If you hap­pen to be in the area, please drop by and con­sid­er buy­ing a print or two. It’s for a good cause. The open­ing recep­tion will start at 7PM and will con­tin­ue until 11PM.

Troy and I will be there. In fact, we’ll be in Toron­to for most of the day since we’re plan­ning on check­ing out the Roy­al Ontario Muse­um to see the dinosaur skele­tons and stuff. Orig­i­nal­ly, we were plan­ning on going to the Art Gallery of Ontario because it’s been years since the last time we were there but it is cur­rent­ly closed to pub­lic and won’t be open again until this Fall. Hope­ful­ly the weath­er will be nice. Accord­ing to the Weath­er Office, it’ll be 2°C (36°F) in Toron­to on Sat­ur­day, which is warm by my stan­dard.

I’m pret­ty excit­ed about the week­end, espe­cial­ly since we’re plan­ning on hav­ing a make-believe Indone­sian din­ner in a Malaysian restau­rant before going to the open­ing recep­tion at the *Hot­shot Gallery. Make-believe because Malaysian food is close to Indone­sian food, but not that close. Indone­sian food is so much bet­ter! :D I love me some Indone­sian food. Too bad all Indone­sian restau­rants in Greater Toron­to Area seem to have gone out of busi­ness.

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  1. haha — i spot­ted one f your pics (Great White Frozen) but for some rea­son not all the pics showed up when i first went to the site…but i dont know if i would have guessed the oth­er two as yours either. but woo! i guessed one of ‘em!!

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