Bad Camouflage

Bad Camouflage

I start­ed scan­ning the neg­a­tive of the pic­tures I took this past week­end with the Has­sel­blad but I have a sore throat, which nev­er fails to make me feel mis­er­able, and I don’t think I could do it. I’ll have to remem­ber to make sure that the bat­tery in my dig­i­tal light meter is not dead before I go out shoot­ing with the Has­sel­blad or else I’ll end up with a bunch of either under­ex­posed or over­ex­posed images. Could’ve used my dig­i­tal cam­era to meter the light but I didn’t think of it then. Oh well.



The Grain Exchange build­ing was what you would’ve seen if you looked out of our hotel room win­dow in Win­nipeg, Man­i­to­ba. Cana­di­ans don’t call Win­nipeg Win­ter­peg for noth­ing. It was seri­ous­ly cold there, except for the first full day we had, which was nice and warm at -1°C. Sad­ly, the tem­per­a­tures only went down from there.

Troy and Firda Went to a Camera Show

Banff Springs Hotel

While I was brows­ing some online clas­si­fied ads in the Cam­eras and Pho­tos sec­tion some time last week, I saw a post­ing with a scan of a fly­er adver­tis­ing a cam­era show on Sun­day near Toron­to. I asked Troy if he’d like to go despite the $7 admis­sion. He said yes and I got all excit­ed about the prospect of get­ting a bunch of cheap rolls of film and maybe an inex­pen­sive Has­sel­blad for the rest of the week.

Fast for­ward to Sun­day. We left home just a lit­tle after 8 in the morn­ing. For a Sun­day, that was quite an ear­ly start. The door at the cam­era show wouldn’t be open until 10. When we got there, they hadn’t even start­ed sell­ing the tick­ets, but when they did, we were actu­al­ly among the first 10 peo­ple in line. Yes, I know what you’re think­ing. What losers. But we pre­fer the term “cam­era geeks”, thank you very much.

We had to stand in line in front of the door for near­ly half an hour, dur­ing which we got to lis­ten to the BC (before com­put­ers) ver­sus AD (after dig­i­tals) debate among the peo­ple lin­ing up behind us. Good times. Also, while lin­ing up, I com­plete­ly for­got what I was look­ing for at the show. I asked Troy and he said he didn’t know. I decid­ed that we were look­ing for what­ev­er we can get, Face­book-style.

I was expect­ing to see a lot of cheap, crap­py, plas­tic cam­eras on the tables but there weren’t real­ly too many of those around. If you shoot film exclu­sive­ly and you’re obsessed with Leicas, Rolleis and Has­sies, you’d be in heav­en. Me? I like shoot­ing with crap­py plas­tic cam­eras. I felt a lit­tle out of the league there, but I had fun any­way. It was nice to be able to touch cam­eras that I used to only be able to see on eBay pic­tures and not being able to afford.

All the Has­sel­blads we saw cost more than they do on eBay so we didn’t come home with one. Sad lla­ma. But we did come home with a bunch of expired rolls of 120 film, a beau­ti­ful Ricoh Dia­cord L twin lens reflex cam­era we bought from a grumpy, old, Leica shoot­er, and a Lomo Sme­na Sym­bol cam­era that evil Lomog­ra­phy is try­ing to sell for $95 a pop online. We got ours for a measly $5 from a most­ly junk table, which is prob­a­bly what it’s real­ly worth. Take that, Lomog­ra­phy!

Speak­ing of evil Lomog­ra­phy, they’re hav­ing an invite some­one and get $20 in your account dealy-o. I real­ly want a Diana+ cam­era but I want to buy it with THEIR mon­ey con­sid­er­ing they already charge too much for just about any­thing. So, if you’re feel­ing benev­o­lent, please leave a com­ment with your per­mis­sion to send you an invite to Lomog­ra­phy. I’ll get $20 if you sign up and you’ll get $10 (or 10 Euro if you’re in Europe) in your account when you sign up. In addi­tion, you’ll get to see the pret­ty pic­tures I took with it when/if I got the cam­era! Please pret­ty please with whipped cream and a red cher­ry on top? ;) You know you wan­na!

How to Make a Slit Camera Cheaply

How to Make a Slit Cam­era Cheap­ly

This is an old blog entry from two years ago but I just came across it last week and thought it would be inter­est­ing to try since I have cam­eras I could use. Slit cam­eras are gen­er­al­ly used to deter­mine the win­ner in horse race, etc. (Orig­i­nal link is dead but I found anoth­er link on the same top­ic to replace it. -Fir­da)

Windex Photo Developer

How to devel­op a pho­to using blue­print paper and Windex. I think it’s more like an image trans­fer than pho­to devel­op­ment since you need a black and white print to start with. It’s still inter­est­ing nonethe­less. Might try it if I could find some cheap blue­print dia­zo paper.