My First Book Cover

look what i got!

Pho­to by Jody Miller

No, this is not going to be a self-con­grat­u­la­to­ry post about how a pho­to of mine got select­ed to be includ­ed in a book by an awe­some group of pho­tog­ra­phers and writ­ers called Uta­ta that I’ve been a mem­ber of for years, nor is this about how some­how it end­ed up being on the cov­er of the book. No. This is going to be a post about how the pho­to came to be. This pho­to:

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My Breakfast

My Breakfast I

I’m cur­rent­ly obsessed with repli­cat­ing the look of film pho­tog­ra­phy on dig­i­tal shots. I did a study of my break­fast this morn­ing with that par­tic­u­lar post-pro­cess­ing idea in mind. I think it looks pret­ty good, if I say so myself. This shall be an ongo­ing project, i.e., shoot­ing my break­fast. If I were a break­fast per­son, I’d prob­a­bly do this pho­to shoot dai­ly. Since I’m not, I guess I’ll add more pic­tures to the project when­ev­er. A few more shots from the project are behind the cut if you’re inter­est­ed.

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Cactus Head

Been more than a lit­tle bit obsessed with house­hunt­ing late­ly. Hence the lack of post. I didn’t even both­er to make a birth­day post. I turned a year old­er on Mon­day. And yes, I had a good birth­day.

I start­ed a Flickr group called We Say NO to Pho­tos and Videos on Flickr today. Join us if you feel like com­plain­ing about oth­er people’s com­plaints about Flickr or if you’re just feel­ing sil­ly. :)

Dome and Light

St. Boniface Cathedral

We went to Win­nipeg, Man­i­to­ba in Feb­ru­ary. Peo­ple we know couldn’t under­stand why I’d want to go to Win­ter­peg — as they like to call it here — in the mid­dle of win­ter. My one and only rea­son was, I’d nev­er been there. I always think it’s a good enough rea­son to vis­it a place.

As we were walk­ing around the city, I kept get­ting ice build-up on my glass­es. The con­den­sa­tion on the lens­es got frozen on the spot in mere­ly sec­onds. It was that cold. I didn’t take too many pic­tures because I was too busy keep­ing myself warm, but the only pic­tures I like from the trip are of old build­ings.

The pic­tures above were tak­en inside the Man­i­to­ba Leg­isla­tive Build­ing. It has beau­ti­ful archi­tec­ture and inte­ri­or. It seems to be a pop­u­lar spot for wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy because of the grand inte­ri­or. If you ever get your­self to Win­nipeg and only have time to vis­it one attrac­tion, make it this one. You won’t regret it.

Frozen Cove

Frozen Cove

We’ve been going to this spot every year in March since 2005 and every time I was drawn to shoot the exact same spots I did the pre­vi­ous year. I real­ly should make an attempt to see this place in a dif­fer­ent way the next time we go there, which prob­a­bly won’t hap­pen until March next year. Also, I’m hop­ing I’ll have a big­ger zoom lens next year so I could shoot all those migrat­ing tun­dra swans!

Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity

I’m no Lucky Luke. I don’t shoot faster than my own shad­ow. But I kind of like how this pic­ture turns up. We were watch­ing some seag­ulls being goofy (or dumb, depend­ing on how you look at it) as we were enjoy­ing our ice cream in Port Dover. Would’ve been able to take some more inter­est­ing shots of the birds if I could put down my ice cream but it was so good I just couldn’t, even if I want­ed to. Proof that I still love ice cream more than I do pho­tog­ra­phy.