Photos from Pinhole Day 2014

The last Sun­day of April is the World­wide Pin­hole Pho­tog­ra­phy Day, or Pin­hole Day for short. This year, it fell on April 27, which was yes­ter­day. I man­aged to talk my hus­band into dri­ving me to the town of Goderich, Ontario by the Lake Huron to take some pin­hole pho­tos with my trusty Lumix GF1 and the Pin­wide pin­hole “lens” (basi­cal­ly a body cap with a hole on it), which has been my Pin­hole Day set-up for a cou­ple of years now.

We were plan­ning on going to Goderich on East­er Fri­day but decid­ed against it because it was rainy. I lat­er learned that a dead body was found at the beach where we would’ve been if we went there that day (which is where we were yes­ter­day). Got to say, I’m hap­py not to be one of the peo­ple who found it. I don’t know if my head would be able to han­dle any more trau­ma­tiz­ing expe­ri­ences.
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Lovely Saturday

Lovely Saturday

This past Sat­ur­day we decid­ed against going on a thrift­ing round, which is what we usu­al­ly do on a Sat­ur­day. When my hus­band asked what I felt like doing that day, I said, “Going to Goderich and get two dozen but­ter tarts!” and to which he said, “That’s what I’m think­ing, too!” We are so in tune it’s not even fun­ny.
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What We’ve Been Up To Lately

Down the Hog Line

I’ve been every­where, man!”

Well, sort of. After our trip to New­found­land (which was fan­tas­tic, by the way), we decid­ed to take up geo­caching because we nerds need­ed a nerdy rea­son to go out­side and enjoy the great out­door. Geo­caching sounds like a nerdy enough rea­son, even if it some­times makes us do real­ly stu­pid things, like check­ing out all the plaque on every sin­gle park bench down by the riv­er for clues. But at least it gets us to use our legs and walk!

Geo­caching also, more often than not, brings good pho­to oppor­tu­ni­ties. Many geo­cachers are thought­ful enough to hide their caches in scenic areas and some hid­den gems. I’ve seen some beau­ti­ful old church­es and old ceme­ter­ies I wouldn’t have known exist­ed oth­er­wise. I also love dri­ving through beau­ti­ful Ontario farm­land and check­ing out the ran­dom cows and hors­es and the occa­sion­al don­keys. It’s not real­ly a way to save on gas, but eh, every­thing has its cost. And I get to take some pret­ty pic­tures.

This past week­end, we got to hide our first geo­cache! You see, I’ve been obsessed with sudoku puz­zles late­ly and one night I had a dream about sudoku and geo­caching. So we decid­ed to com­bine sudoku and geo­caching and made our first hide a puz­zle cache. The puz­zles are like the eas­i­est sudoku puz­zles in the world but hey, it was our first cache and we want­ed peo­ple to go find it! We might make the puz­zles a lit­tle hard­er for the next one.

Um, what else? Oh, I start­ed sell­ing expired film and some of my cam­eras on Etsy two weeks ago, and I’ve got three sales so far! With­out any mar­ket­ing! Maybe I just got lucky. I need to list more items but it’s been rainy and cloudy late­ly and I need good nat­ur­al light for my prod­uct shots. Not a big fan of flash/artificial light here. My Etsy shop is called Many Cam­eras.

I already got a domain called before I start­ed the shop. The orig­i­nal plan was to install an online shop front there, but then I got lazy. Not want­i­ng it to go to waste, two days ago I decid­ed to start a new pho­to­blog there where I post my favourite pho­tos that I shot on film only with many dif­fer­ent cam­eras. If you’re on Tum­blr, feel free to fol­low me. Even if you’re not on Tum­blr, you can still sub­scribe to the RSS feed. And here goes the link to Many Cam­eras, the pho­to­blog.

And that’s all what we’ve been up to late­ly. Yes, very excit­ing indeed!

Dental Woes

No Picnic

I’ve prob­a­bly used the pic­ture above in anoth­er post in the past but thought I’d post it again because it just won me a new cam­era bag through a pho­to con­test held by Book Depos­i­to­ry! There were 2260 entries when the con­test end­ed. Who knew I’d be one of the 10 win­ners. I only entered one pho­to (out of the three allowed) and just kind of for­got about it until they sent me a mes­sage about me being one of the 10 win­ners. It’s kind of nice to know that soon I’ll be able to put my cam­era with some lens­es and a lap­top in the same bag when I’m trav­el­ling.

Um, what was I going to write about again? Oh right. The sad state of my poor teeth. I’ve been hav­ing a toothache since Mon­day. Didn’t tell Troy about it until Wednes­day morn­ing when the pain got a bit unbear­able. He then made me an appoint­ment with his trusty den­tist in Water­loo who was will­ing to see me the next day, i.e. today. The last time I saw a den­tist was prob­a­bly when I was still in mid­dle school. It was that long ago. Ever since my trusty den­tist in Indone­sia (who had been my den­tist since I was a wee lit­tle kid) died, I just couldn’t trust anoth­er den­tist. But now I think I’ve found anoth­er den­tist I could trust. Troy’s den­tist turns out to be not scary at all!

Long sto­ry short, I have a tooth extrac­tion, a root canal and a den­tal implant in a not so dis­tant future. And the dentist’s only looked at two of my molars. Yup, serves me right for not going ear­li­er. That den­tist vis­it was super long over­due. If last year was the year of optometrist/ophthalmologist vis­its, this year is def­i­nite­ly going to be the year of den­tist vis­its. Not real­ly look­ing for­ward to it but I just keep telling myself that after this long string of den­tist vis­its, I’ll be able to eat like a nor­mal per­son again. Haven’t been able to do that for a while so that’s some­thing to look for­ward to.

Any­way, this will be the first of two blog updates I’m sup­posed to make this week since it’s March already and the sec­ond step in the Oper­a­tion Blog Revival’s 6-step pro­gram is to blog twice a week in March and April. Not sure how I’m going to keep with it since my life is not real­ly all that inter­est­ing and there are only so many things I could talk about but we’ll see. I’ll fig­ure some­thing out. Some­one told me once that I’m resource­ful. :)