What We’ve Been Up To Lately

“I’ve been everywhere, man!” Well, sort of. After our trip to Newfoundland (which was fantastic, by the way), we decided to take up geocaching because we nerds needed a nerdy reason to go outside and enjoy the great outdoor. Geocaching sounds like a nerdy enough reason, even if it sometimes makes us do really stupid … Continue reading “What We’ve Been Up To Lately”

Developing B&W film with Caffenol-C

I’ve been wanting to try developing film with Caffenol-C for awhile (the fact that it’s environmentally-friendly really appeals to me), and last week, I finally did. The first roll I developed turned out to be a dud since it came from a totally experimental pinhole camera. I had no more exposed roll to try to … Continue reading “Developing B&W film with Caffenol-C”