Peephole Photography

I’d seen pictures taken with a peephole before but this $11 Super Wide Angle Digital Camera article that I came across last week was what made me want to actually shoot with a peephole. We picked up a peephole on Sunday morning and I had a lot of fun shooting with it later in the day. These are the results. This one is my favourite.

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Those are nice shots, but none of them really show off the wide angle effect. You should try with some closer subjects and more geometric spaces.


Yeah, I still have yet to try it on macro photography. It’s just that my camera’s macro feature sucks so much. Wonder what would happen if I combined the peephole with a magnifying glass. Hmm, will have to try that…


Though you might need to grow another hand to use the magnifying glass. :)


Frida, I happened upon your blog through a search for “film scanning service guelph”. I just wanted to say that I love your blog and your pictures are amazing. I love that you don’t shoot with one entrenched style and that you are able to convey many different moods through equally different perspectives. Your writing is also really immediate and I am happy to have found your space. Great work and really inspiring images.