Peephole Photography

I’d seen pic­tures tak­en with a peep­hole before but this $11 Super Wide Angle Dig­i­tal Cam­era arti­cle that I came across last week was what made me want to actu­al­ly shoot with a peep­hole. We picked up a peep­hole on Sun­day morn­ing and I had a lot of fun shoot­ing with it lat­er in the day. These are the results. This one is my favourite.

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  1. Those are nice shots, but none of them real­ly show off the wide angle effect. You should try with some clos­er sub­jects and more geo­met­ric spaces.

  2. Yeah, I still have yet to try it on macro pho­tog­ra­phy. It’s just that my camera’s macro fea­ture sucks so much. Won­der what would hap­pen if I com­bined the peep­hole with a mag­ni­fy­ing glass. Hmm, will have to try that…

  3. Fri­da, I hap­pened upon your blog through a search for “film scan­ning ser­vice guelph”. I just want­ed to say that I love your blog and your pic­tures are amaz­ing. I love that you don’t shoot with one entrenched style and that you are able to con­vey many dif­fer­ent moods through equal­ly dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives. Your writ­ing is also real­ly imme­di­ate and I am hap­py to have found your space. Great work and real­ly inspir­ing images.

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