Against the Sun

We got our H1N1 flu jab on Fri­day. We came in half an hour before the clin­ic start­ed but the queue was already twice the length of the hall, and it was a pret­ty big hall. For­tu­nate­ly, there were about 6 or 8 arm-jab­bing sta­tions (for lack of bet­ter terms) so the line was mov­ing at a decent pace.

Watch­ing the peo­ple in the queue was kind of inter­est­ing and a good dis­trac­tion for me. My hands got cold just think­ing about the prospect of hav­ing a nee­dle pen­e­trat­ing my arm. Any­way, the old man in front of us was a social but­ter­fly and he occa­sion­al­ly would leave the line to say hi to some peo­ple, includ­ing an actor he didn’t real­ly know. The old man behind us talked in a Scot­tish accent and he was kind of gos­sipy. And yes, there were a lot of senior cit­i­zens.

After stand­ing in line for about an hour, our turns came. First we had to answer some ques­tions and then off to the arm-jab­bing sta­tions! The nurse asked me if I’d had a flu shot before. I said no and she said, “You must be very healthy!” Ha! I have a pret­ty good immune sys­tem, that’s true. But if by healthy you mean fit, I am so unfit it’s not even fun­ny.

The arm-jab­bing part took only a split­ting sec­ond but man, even now, four days lat­er, my upper arm is still ten­der to the touch. But at least I can now lay on my left side with­out hurt­ing (too much). The first cou­ple of nights were no fun at all and I had trou­ble sleep­ing. Mind you, the left side is my favourite side to sleep on. But eh, I guess it’s a small price to pay con­sid­er­ing the alter­na­tives.

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