Orange Roughy

When we went gro­cery shop­ping last night, I picked up a fish fil­let to be made into some Indone­sian fish cake called Pem­pek. The fil­let came from some white meat fish called the orange roughy. I’d nev­er heard of the fish before but I thought as long the meat was white, I should be able to han­dle it (I don’t like to eat red meat fish).

The Pem­pek I had today for lunch turns out to be the best Pem­pek I’ve ever made. I’ve tried to make it about half a dozen times before, but usu­al­ly met with fail­ure. To cel­e­brate my suc­cess, I decid­ed to do a lit­tle research on the orange roughy.

Orange roughy — also goes by the exot­ic name of slime­head — turns out to be an ugly, deep-sea crea­ture. It can live up to 149 years but only grows to about 61cm (2 feet) in length. That means the fish I was eat­ing could be old­er than me! How cool is that? Well, maybe not so cool to you, but it’s pret­ty cool to me since I don’t get to eat meat com­ing from an ani­mal that’s old­er than me every day that even the prospect of it kind of excites me.

If the facts about the orange roughy don’t real­ly impress you, this Japan­ese video that shows you how to peel cooked pota­to skin in one shot should (link stolen from SMooSH). I still have yet to try the trick out.

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  1. I picked up a filet of Tur­bot at Trad­er Joes one day — it was great so I decid­ed to look it up — big mis­take. I guess those bot­tom feed­ers are all pret­ty ugly.

  2. It took me 6 months (!) to final­ly get the courage to buy some fish and actu­al­ly cook it. Their Japan­ese names some­how are not con­vinc­ing enough :(

  3. Orange roughy is one of my favorite fish to eat. My Dad used to make alu­minum foil pouch­es with the fish, toma­toes, onions, spices and olive oil inside and throw it on the grill for a while. Deli­cious!

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  5. Mmm­mm! Orange Roughy! That used to be my favorite fish as a kid. As an adult, though, I rarely buy it as it tends to be pri­cy. I guess it was over-fished a few years back, knock­ing up the price, which is a shame.
    Care to share your recipe for pem­pek?

  6. I have an odd ques­tion, has any­one noticed any pecu­liar gas­tric occur­ances after eat­ing Orange Roughy. And does it involve the word “Orange” ?

  7. To Cheryl:
    Yes I have noticed that an orange oily sub­stance appears when reliev­ing yourself.I always won­dered what caused it. My dad and my broth­er both had that hap­pen to them to. We assumed it was the Orange Roughy. I guess it is because Roughy has lots of oil in it.

  8. To reduce bad Cho­les­terol, try eat­ing a pound of Orange Roughy with one whole red apple after meal. Must eat three con­sec­u­tive days to see result. No carb dur­ing these three days. Repeat every three months.
    Note: Do not take any antidiar­rheal med­ica­tion.
    Tip came from friends that suc­ced­ed with low­er­ing cho­les­terol.

  9. ORANGE ROUGHY is high­ly endan­gered! Because it takes so long to mature and because it’s a deep sea fish the fish­eries (there have only been 30 — to feed the globe) have all been deplet­ed and will not recov­er. Because of con­sumer demand new fish­eries will be found and deplet­ed. You don’t have to con­tribute. PLEASE don’t eat the Roughy. For a list of fish to eat and not to eat (this list doesn’t take into con­sid­er­a­tion fish con­tain­ing heavy met­als that may be bad for you like Mer­cury) look here:

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