Operation Blog Revival 2011

First Day of 2011

While will­ing myself to sleep last night, I came up with a 6-Step Pro­gram to Revive A Blog In Lim­bo™ or you can call it Oper­a­tion Blog Revival 2011 if you will. It’s intend­ed for slack­ing blog­gers such as myself who wish they could blog every day like the cool kids do (or like they used to do) but find going from bare­ly one post in two months to 7 posts a week just a wee bit dras­tic and a lit­tle hard to do. I fig­ured doing it in 6 steps in a span of a year would be more habit-form­ing and would result in less chance of relaps­ing into blog slack­tiv­i­ty.
So with­out fur­ther ado, here’s the pro­posed 6-step pro­gram:

Step 1: In Jan­u­ary, start blog­ging once a week.
Step 2: In March, start blog­ging twice a week.
Step 3: In May, start blog­ging three times a week.
Step 4: In July, start blog­ging four times a week.
Step 5: In Sep­tem­ber, start blog­ging five times a week.
Step 6: In Novem­ber, start blog­ging six times a week. Unless you join the NaBloPo­Mo, in which case, you may want to take it a step fur­ther and start blog­ging every day of the week.

When Jan­u­ary 2012 comes, in the­o­ry, you’ll find blog­ging every day a piece of cake. I said “in the­o­ry” because, well, I only came up with it last night! There is no proof or guar­an­tee that it’s going to work but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth try­ing.

What con­sti­tutes a blog post, you ask? Any­thing is fair game! A sto­ry, photos/videos, or even a link. Though if it’s a link, you may want to elab­o­rate a lit­tle about the what and why. Nobody wants to click on a link blind­ly. Not in this era of web tro­jans and virus­es (virii?) any­way.

Nobody is going to enforce the num­ber of post a week rule but your­self. If you feel com­fort­able updat­ing your blog once a week then by all means, keep at it! Only fol­low the whole 6 steps if your goal is to blog every day, which is what I’m try­ing to do.

So, who’s with me? I’ve start­ed a Face­book page in case any­one would like to join so we can remind each oth­er to post, share ideas for a blog post and oth­er fun stuff. Hap­py blog­ging and hap­py new year!

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  1. You know, that’s not a bad idea at all! Will love to see how that works out and I might even apply some of it since I’m in the mid­dle of reviv­ing my love of blog­ging… I’m sure it’s in me some­where still! :)

  2. Well… that’s a good idea if you’ve got no life. Oth­er­wise, they’re tons of oth­er great ways to spend your lim­it­ed time on Earth.

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