While play­ing around with the stylesheet, I acci­den­tal­ly delet­ed part of the stylesheet. I couldn’t revert back to the unmod­i­fied stylesheet and I have no back­up so please excuse the mess. I don’t know whether I’m going to fix the design or just dump it and either cre­ate a new design or use a pre-made tem­plate. We’ll see.

UPDATE: Spoke Post­ed too soon. I do have a back­up. Phew! Mov­ing along!

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  1. I hon­est­ly had no idea where to post this I hope its ok I put it here.
    My name is Sam Nel­son, I am con­tact­ing you from Pyro­me­dia Stu­dios, a small design agency based in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia. We real­ly need some­one who can con­vert some cus­tom skins for blogs that clients have asked us to pro­duce for them. Do you offer this ser­vice? Could we talk about you help­ing us out with that as well as con­sult with me a bit on bog­ging and the plug-ins etc. avail­able.

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