On the Arrival of Winter

Let It Snow

Guess what we end­ed up NOT doing this week­end? Every­thing men­tioned in the pre­vi­ous post, except for vis­it­ing Troy’s grand­ma. That one we did. And oh what a jour­ney it was. Moth­er Nature sud­den­ly decid­ed that it was the per­fect time for a snowsquall so while we were dri­ving down to the nurs­ing home, snow start­ed falling like crazy and soon, voila! It was instant win­ter won­der­land. We got to the nurs­ing home late as every­one had to dri­ve slow on the high­ways due to the crap­py weath­er but grand­ma seemed hap­py to see us so, yeah, mis­sion accom­plished.

When we got back home this after­noon, Troy had to shov­el the snow from the side­walk in front of our house and our dri­ve­way. Mind you, we hap­pen to live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the win­ter. It’s not offi­cial­ly win­ter yet but if you look out­side our win­dow, it def­i­nite­ly looks like win­ter. Tonnes of snow out there. Some­body will have to shov­el the snow tomor­row morn­ing.

Liv­ing in a snow­dumped area, it’s like­ly that we’re going to be stuck inside a lot this win­ter. I’ve come up with some pho­tog­ra­phy projects to do to kill the time and to keep me sane. Doing some still life TTV shots is one. I’ve ordered a cheap-ass macro fil­ter set from eBay just for this pur­pose. I also have a bunch of found neg­a­tives and slides to scan. Peek­ing at the lives of some strangers from the bygone eras through the images is rather fas­ci­nat­ing. I’m also try­ing to come up with a project to do with my last pack of Polaroid 600 film. As you may know, Polaroid has stopped the pro­duc­tion of instant films, which is a shame. I’m sure I’ll come up with some­thing when I’m bored enough and when I do, I’ll let you know.

And now, it’s time for me to sleep. We’re sup­posed to be get­ting 15–25 cm. of snow overnight. Oh joy!

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  1. I don’t like win­ter so much, espe­cial­ly when it comes to snow shov­el­ing or scratch­ing ice off your wind­shield after a long day at work!
    But I don’t work now… and no longer live in Ger­many! I guess win­ter in Mia­mi won’t be so bad! :)

  2. When peo­ple tell me how thick the snow is, I had no idea what they’re talk­ing about. I haven’t expe­ri­enced snow in my entire life. I imag­ine snow to be the white things my father scrapes out of the fridge when he grabs frozen meat. But, yes, it must be bliss. Snow is bliss.

  3. Snow is nice — dri­ving dur­ing a snow storm is the com­plete oppo­site of bliss! Trust me. I’ve been through 32 win­ters with com­plete suc­cess.

  4. Snow is bliss only when all you have to do with it is the fun stuff like mak­ing a snow­man or play­ing snow ball fight. But snow does make the wide open space look pret­ty, which is good for pho­tog­ra­phy.

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