On Textures and Boring Photos

Where The Fields Are Green

It’s 18 min­utes to mid­night and I still don’t know what to blog about. Ha! Oh, only 9 more days to go before the NaBloPo­Mo is over and then my beloved read­ers won’t have to read my crap on a dai­ly basis any­more. Just bear with me!

So. Um. I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing with post pro­cess­ing bor­ing pho­tos by adding tex­ture lay­ers in Pho­to­shop. I’m kind of pleased with the results. It makes the bor­ing pho­tos a lit­tle less bor­ing. I don’t real­ly fol­low any tuto­ri­als. I just do what I think would work. Though I must admit that some of the pic­tures are kind of tex­ture overkill. Maybe I should stick to sub­tle tex­tures. Any­way, this thing is so addic­tive that I just can’t stop! But I’m sure I’ll get tired of it soon. If you’re also fol­low­ing my Flickr pho­to­stream, this is just anoth­er thing that you have to bear with me.

In case you’re not fol­low­ing my Flickr pho­to­stream, check out this set to see what I’m talk­ing. My favourite of the bunch is this pho­to. I took it in a place in Van­cou­ver Island called Tofi­no last year dur­ing our two-week trip out West. It’s such a beau­ti­ful place. I wish we had stayed there longer but we only got to spend two nights and even then the weath­er was crap­py most of the time. Maybe we’ll go back there again next year. You’ll nev­er know! This time last year, I didn’t know that we’d end up buy­ing a house the next year. Life is always full of sur­pris­es!

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  1. I do realise that I use “kind of” a lot but I kind of type it with­out think­ing and when I re-read the post, I always see so many kind ofs but I’m always too lazy to edit my posts. Kind of.

  2. Ha, I say “sort of” instead of “kind of”, and I also overuse “So,” at the start of sen­tences (even in essays) way too much!
    But that’s not why I’m here — I’m here to ask where you’re get­ting your tex­tures from? I have a cou­ple sit­ting wait­ing for me to fin­ish uni so I have time to play with them, but more would be good!

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