On Sault Ste. Marie


Guess where we had din­ner tonight? An Indone­sian restau­rant! Yes, in Sault Ste. Marie of all places! Of course it’s not authen­tic and it serves most­ly Chi­nese food but eh, I applaud any restau­rant own­er who is brave enough to call their restau­rant an Indone­sian restau­rant. Mind you, Indone­sian restau­rants in Ontario don’t usu­al­ly sur­vive. Well, not in Toron­to any­way.

I spent rough­ly five hours just walk­ing around the water­front and the down­town area. Three hours by myself, a cou­ple of hours with Troy. Need­less to say, both my legs are real­ly sore right now. But it was a love­ly day and it was nice to spend it out­side along with the sweet, elder­ly peo­ple who were doing their morn­ing round of walk and/or walk­ing their dogs. See­ing elder­ly cou­ples walk­ing togeth­er in qui­et com­pan­ion­ship always warms my heart.

The walk itself was pret­ty unevent­ful. I got to fin­ish two rolls of film. Even got to do some shop­ping and had a quick lunch. Splurged on a new blouse. Also bought myself a win­ter scarf I’d been want­i­ng since last year because it was on sale. It used to be $25 but I got it for $2.50. Score! Went to a rather shady din­er where Troy had a late lunch after my first round of walk. On the women’s wash­room door, they had stuck a piece of paper with this note writ­ten on it: “Out of Order. Please Use Men’s.” I’m glad my blad­der was emp­ty and I felt no bow­el move­ment.

My sec­ond round of walk with Troy took us as far as the Sault Ste. Marie Canal. The canal allows boats from Lake Huron to enter Lake Supe­ri­or and vice ver­sa. We didn’t see any activ­i­ties at the canal, though. The area around the canal has some old and inter­est­ing buildings/historic sites that just called for pic­tures. Real­ly look­ing for­ward to have the rolls of film devel­oped.

As we were walk­ing back to the hotel, I noticed some things that I saw on my first round of walk weren’t there any­more. The bear stat­ues and the big pair of fake fish I saw in the morn­ing had sim­ply van­ished! I don’t know if they were just done for the day and went home to return in the morn­ing tomor­row or some­one stole them. They were too big to be stolen eas­i­ly, though. I guess I’ll find out tomor­row. Maybe.

I don’t know what our plan is for tomor­row. We’re leav­ing Sault Ste. Marie for sure but the weath­er fore­cast calls for a rainy day so I don’t know if we’ll be able to go places to take pic­tures. We’ll see. What­ev­er we end up doing, you should hear about it tomor­row. If we don’t end up in a scary motel in the mid­dle of nowhere with no inter­net con­nec­tion, that is.

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  1. true, indone­sian restau­rants hard­ly sur­vive… in stuttgart, town of 700k peo­ple, they keep on clos­ing down after one year… there’s one sur­vived for over 12 years, but it’s… yes, taste like chi­nese food, and the ger­man born ‘indone­sian’ own­er, only been to Indone­sia once!

  2. I won­der how it feels for some­one who’s eat­en gen­uine Indone­sian meals to come to a restau­rant that boasts of being Indone­sian. Did it taste great?

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