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Banff Springs Hotel

I don’t like going to par­ties. Every time I go to one, I always wish I could fast for­ward time. I’m the hap­pi­est when I’m on my way home from a par­ty because it means one par­ty down for me. Yay! But ooh, what do we have here. Two par­ties to go to with­in a week! Oh joy!

I’m not a very social per­son. I always don’t know what to say to peo­ple in social sit­u­a­tions. I know I should prob­a­bly ask peo­ple ques­tions just to be con­ver­sa­tion­al, but I real­ly don’t know where the line between being con­ver­sa­tion­al and being nosy lies and I real­ly don’t want to be nosy.

I used to bring a cam­era to par­ties just so that I would have some­thing to fid­dle with to kill the time, but now I think I’m get­ting good at killing time just by watch­ing peo­ple doing things peo­ple usu­al­ly do at par­ties. The drunks are espe­cial­ly enter­tain­ing. They used to scare me but now they amuse me more than any­thing.

My least favourite par­ty food is cold meat and bread. I come from a coun­try where the meat is always warm if not hot and served with warm rice. Cold meat with bread was a for­eign and strange con­cept to me and I still haven’t quite embraced or appre­ci­at­ed it even after all these years. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Cana­di­ans love their cold meat and bread and serve it any time they have a chance.

Oh well. At least it’s only two par­ties. Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been THREE par­ties. Well, it is actu­al­ly three par­ties with­in a week but I’m not count­ing the art show clos­ing event on Tues­day because I’m kind of excit­ed about it. Well, to be com­plete­ly hon­est, I’m more excit­ed about the prospect of spend­ing a day in Toron­to more than the par­ty itself (think pho­to ops) but I digress.

The only kind of par­ty I kind of enjoy is the par­ty in which we are the hosts because there are always plen­ty of things for me to do oth­er than mak­ing con­ver­sa­tions. I just leave the con­ver­sa­tion­al part to Troy. He’s kind of good at it.

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  1. O I love par­ties! Used to host din­ner par­ties 3–4 nights in a week at my apart­ment… My par­ties more like close friends get togeth­er eat­ing the exper­i­men­tal food I cook. Pre­tend it’s Indone­sian cui­sine.. ha! They wouldn’t know.
    But, yeah, I also don’t enjoy par­ties where I don’t know every­body.

  2. I like hav­ing par­ties with peo­ple I actu­al­ly know well enough to com­fort­able around. But par­ties involv­ing most­ly a bunch of stranger brings out the social awk­ward­ness in me, so I can relat­ed to how you feel.

  3. I hate par­ties too. For­tu­nate­ly my hus­band and I are both wicked­ly anti-social, so we show up, eat a bit and then leave.
    Some­times I’ll have a pan­ic attack upon arriv­ing at a par­ty and I’ll go for a long walk.

  4. I’m hes­i­tant to go to par­ties where I don’t know most of the peo­ple. And I know that dur­ing those, uhm, uncom­fort­able times, a cam­era at hand (or any­thing to tin­ker with, for the mean­time) would be handy. Takes your mind off things. Par­ties are sup­posed to relax, but they can be stress­ful.

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