On Mixtapes

In an Alleyway

Back when I was in uni­ver­si­ty and my broth­er was in his first job, we used to sell mix­tapes. My broth­er would do the mar­ket­ing and sales and I would do the mix­tape-mak­ing. We sold the mix­tapes for two thou­sand and five hun­dred rupi­ahs each, which sounds like a lot but actu­al­ly only about 25 cents in US/Canadian dol­lars. I think all the mon­ey went to my broth­er. I only liked mak­ing mix­tapes. I didn’t care about the mon­ey.

As for the kind of music I used to put on the mix­tapes, it’s the kind of music that I would now call crap. It’s amaz­ing how much my taste in music has evolved since. I’ve become as big a music snob as Troy is. And since I don’t real­ly have much time to write a wordy entry today, I’ve made a vir­tu­al mix­tape for you to lis­ten to. Aren’t I nice? ;) It’s just a ran­dom selec­tion of songs that I enjoyed recent­ly and not nec­es­sar­i­ly new songs.

And here’s the list of the songs:

  1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens
  2. Nep­tune City by Nicole Atkins
  3. Cast­away by Cam­phor
  4. Bur Oak by Bower­birds
  5. Tiger Moun­tain Peas­ant Song (Fleet Fox­es cov­er) by First Aid Kit
  6. Trou­ble in the Fields by Sarah Harmer
  7. For Emma by Bon Iver
  8. I Will Fol­low You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie Cov­er) by Amy Mil­lan
  9. True Col­ors (Cyn­di Lau­per cov­er) by Ane Brun
  10. My Dear Acquain­tance (A Hap­py New Year) by Regi­na Spek­tor


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  1. I got famil­iar with The Lion Sleeps Tonight because a choral group sang that in cam­pus. Won­der­ful ren­di­tion; I’ve loved that song since.

  2. Oooo… I love Mbube so much! Sad­ly, I heard it first time from Lion King video back in the 90s and I real­ly thought it was meant for the movie.

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