On Long Drives

Fall Drive

We made it to Sault Ste. Marie in one piece and in less than 10 hours! Boy, that was a long dri­ve! My back is sore from sit­ting too long. Didn’t see any wildlife in the Ontario wilder­ness sad­ly. Just a lot of run­down, beat­en up, and defeat­ed busi­ness­es along High­way 69. Most­ly restau­rants and motels. Along High­way 17, some hous­es look bare­ly stand­ing but still lived in, some oth­ers have sim­ply been aban­doned. The signs along the high­ways kept me enter­tained. My favourite one was the one that said “Large Vehi­cles Need More Room”. I was tempt­ed to write “Well, duh!” under­neath it with a Sharpie, but I didn’t because I’m a good, law-abid­ing per­son. Ahem.

The land­scape along the high­ways was quite rocky. The trees were bare, except for the ever­greens, since it’s quite late into the sea­son, but I find the bare, white birch trees quite attrac­tive. Didn’t take any pic­tures, though. We’re plan­ning on tak­ing our time dri­ving back on Fri­day so I can take pic­tures of what­ev­er I find inter­est­ing along the way. Tomor­row Troy will be at work all day so I have all day to explore the city by myself. I don’t think I’ll be adven­tur­ous enough to explore the whole city but I’ll explore what­ev­er is with­in a walk­ing dis­tance from our hotel, which is quite a lot, actu­al­ly.

We had fish and chips din­ner today at a restau­rant down the street from where we’re stay­ing. It was a very busy place. At some point, the wait­ers sang a hap­py birth­day to a young cus­tomer while bring­ing him a piece of cake and every­one clapped their hands. Lat­er, a bunch of Finnish girls (as in girls from Fin­land) sang a hap­py birth­day to the same per­son, but in Finnish lan­guage. Every­one clapped again. It was real­ly cute! Who knew you could find so many Finnish girls in Sault Ste. Marie of all places!

Well, I’ve got to give the lap­top back to Troy because he needs to update his blog, too. Tomor­row, I’ll tell you all about my Sault Ste. Marie explo­ration. See you then!

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  1. you know what i love most, every time you post an entry there will be a beau­ti­ful pic attached to it
    omg i’m first!

  2. Beau­ti­ful pic­ture you have right there.
    It’s weird how some places just seem…deserted, as if peo­ple sud­den­ly decid­ed, “We won’t live here any­more.”
    But do enjoy that trip! I’m sure there’ll be more sur­pris­es to come!

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