On Getting A Haircut

Red Leaf, Up Close and Personal

We got our­selves a hair­cut today because we have a fam­i­ly Christ­mas par­ty to go to on Sat­ur­day and we didn’t want to be the messy-haired rel­a­tives. At least Troy didn’t. I seem to be the messy-haired rel­a­tive about 99% of the time due to my high­ly unman­age­able hair so I’ve kind of got used to it. I got an okay­ish hair­cut. Not bad but not great either. I have noth­ing against Cau­casian hair­dressers but the best hair­cuts I’ve ever got here in Cana­da, I got from Asian and African hair­dressers.

Speak­ing of hair­cuts, guess what my mother’s last wish was? It was for me to get a hair­cut. The thing is, I have to be in the right mood to go for a hair­cut. When she was in the hos­pi­tal, all I want­ed to do was to be with her. She kept telling me to go get a hair­cut because my hair looked like a big bun­dle of mess, but I just couldn’t. Get­ting a hair­cut was the last thing on my to-do list. I didn’t go until she passed away. I got myself a hair­cut so I would look decent on her funer­al. I’m glad the hair­dress­er didn’t ask me what I’m get­ting a hair­cut for because telling her that I’m get­ting a hair­cut to go to my mother’s funer­al in a few hours would’ve made for a very awk­ward moment.

My mum used to cut my hair, though I always had to talk her into it. We called this moth­er-daugh­ter deal “Mother’s Wing Salon”. I still remem­ber the last time she gave me a hair­cut. It was some time in Feb­ru­ary, the year she died. For some rea­sons, I knew it would be the last time. The next time I need­ed a hair­cut, she just couldn’t do it any­more. My mum liked my hair short. My hair is short now. I hope she can see it because I know it would make her smile.

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  1. Your mother’s so sweet, through­out my child­hood I always envy my friends who got lov­ing moth­ers like yours.
    Mine was mean, but at least she treat her sons bet­ter.

  2. Except for my moth­er, we’re all boys in the fam­i­ly, and my father saw to it that we had the same hair­cut. Our hair was cut short. It didn’t exceed 2 cm. Our father would reserve a day where­in we’d all go to the bar­ber shop, my broth­ers and I. Good times.

  3. My mum wouldn’t let any­one say any­thing mean to me. She even defend­ed me against one of the nurs­es who said some­thing snarky to me when she was dying. She was that awe­some.

  4. Wait — you CANNOT have a C******** par­ty to go to. You just can’t. You’re going to just have to explain to them that it is NOVEMBER and some girl on the inter­net said C******** should nev­er even be men­tioned before Decem­ber!

  5. We have TWO C******** par­ties to go to this month. And we bought a fake plas­tic tree to hang tacky stuff over the hol­i­days last night so I guess the dam­age is done. Sor­ry.

  6. See, that’s a moth­er should be, pro­tect­ing your child from peo­ple who means harm.
    My moth­er was a math pro­fes­sor in a pres­tige uni­ver­si­ty, and she wouldn’t even stand up for me when my math teacher in ele­men­tary school wronged my home­work.
    Thank God for my dad­dy (and his sis­ter, too). They’re my heroes, or else I’d be a junkie right now, all because of my bio­log­i­cal moth­er LOL

  7. Well, my dad is a jerk. He was mean to my mum and to my old­er broth­er and me. Now he can only be mean to my old­er broth­er because my mum is dead and I live on the oth­er side of the world — thank god! I do feel sor­ry for my old­er broth­er. I wish he could get away from him. My dad was bare­ly bear­able when my mum was still alive. After my mum died, I couldn’t deal with his crap any­more so I left as soon as I got the chance. It was the best move ever!

  8. yeah, I must admit I left the coun­try because I’d like to stay away from my moth­er and her hob­by of lay­ing guilt trips on me
    but the good thing is, at least it’s only one of our par­ents is a ‘no good’, some peo­ple aren’t that lucky

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