On Coming Home Late

By the Side of the Road

Went to do some shop­ping this morn­ing, then came to vis­it friends and we played games until close to 11pm. Made it home before mid­night, just in time to post some­thing to the blog. Phew. That was close! The dri­ve was a lit­tle sus­pense­ful with all the fog­gy patch­es caused by the warmish weath­er today. The fog was pret­ty thick in some spots. Any­way, it’s good to be home again. Now I’ve got to find me some snack. Kind of hun­gry!

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  1. aaah.. it’s been a year since I saw snow last… I don’t miss it, and I’m not going to miss it for anoth­er 3 years. Viva My-ah-me! ;-)

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