On Boys and Girls

Fog in the Farm

After watch­ing Troy play with his cousin’s lit­tle boy last night and our friends’ lit­tle boys today, I’m kind of hop­ing that if we ever had a kid, it would be a boy. I wouldn’t have any­thing to say to a girl because girls scare me and I real­ly suck at being a girl.

When I was a kid, I used to wish I were a boy. I hung out with boys all the time. But then we got old­er and the boys thought they were too cool to hang out with me. Sad­ness. But at least I still had my old­er broth­er. He was my best bud­dy. I guess he still is, in a way. I do feel bad for very rarely mak­ing a phone call to him. It’s just that news from home tends to make me feel depressed. Not his fault, but still, I always fear I’d hear bad news.

Any­way, my dad must’ve hoped he’d have a girly girl when he had me. He always com­pared me with the girly girl daugh­ters of his friends and told me that he wished I could be more like them, but alas, I couldn’t care less about make-up and fash­ion. Imag­ine his dis­ap­point­ment.

At least if I had to have a girl, I know for sure how NOT to treat her. She’d be free to be her own per­son and I would love her uncon­di­tion­al­ly. My mum already showed me how.

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  1. All I ever want­ed when I was wee was an old­er broth­er. The plan was that he’d be a few years old­er than me and would look after me and every­one would think I was cool because of him. Also, if any­one bul­lied me, he would get them!
    Admit­ted­ly, I should prob­a­bly have wished for a *younger* broth­er, but that wouldn’t have been so cool, so instead I just put all my hopes on a long-lost broth­er. He nev­er did turn up.

  2. Sarah: I have both old­er and younger broth­ers but my old­er broth­er seems to like more than my younger broth­er does. Also, since my old­er broth­er didn’t mind shar­ing his friends with me, I nev­er had to make my own friends until high school. It was an epic fail.
    Lance: There is nev­er any doubt about it. ;)

  3. I hear you! I always want­ed a baby boy(s). I get along fine with girls, but I can only be close to men. All my best friends are guys. We hung out 24/7. Until we got mar­ried. Hus­band and wives aren’t crazy about that… he he… but I still keep gay ones very close, though.

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