On Being Sleepy

Motherly Love

The rea­son I’m so sleepy right now is because I woke up much too ear­ly this morn­ing and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was so excit­ed about the prospect of shov­el­ing the dri­ve­way for the very first time. Yes, I actu­al­ly thought it was excit­ing. As soon as Troy’s wake-up alarm went off, I got dressed, went out and start­ed shov­el­ing the snow. It wasn’t a bad snow. It was nice and fluffy and easy to shov­el. Though when I saw a guy in a snow­plow­er truck start plow­ing the next door neighbour’s dri­ve­way, I was kind of hop­ing that our dri­ve­way would be next and that it was a free ser­vice for new res­i­dents of this town or some­thing to that effect, but alas, no such luck. Troy end­ed up doing most of the shov­el­ing any­way because I’m slow as molasses. I need to mas­ter the art of snow-shov­el­ing. I have at least 5 months to fine-tune my tech­niques. I was told that this win­ter is going to be a mild one. We’ll see what they mean by “mild” soon enough.

Oh, and when I said I’m so sleepy, I meant I’m so sleepy I don’t think I could write a longer post than this. Good­night.

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