On Being Sentimental


This past Sun­day we went for a walk down­town while wait­ing for the rolls of film we dropped off at the pho­to lab to get devel­oped. I noticed that most restau­rants are closed on Sun­days. I also noticed that there are so many things to pho­to­graph in down­town Strat­ford, yet I keep stalling from doing just that because I’m wor­ried that once I’ve pho­tographed every­thing there is to pho­to­graph in this town, I would have the urge to move some­where else, and we can’t have that. Still, I keep telling myself that one of these days, I’m going to go for a walk around the down­town area and take a bunch of pic­tures with the Hol­ga. Why the Hol­ga, you ask? No rea­sons. I just haven’t used it much late­ly. And I real­ly should use it more often, espe­cial­ly now that I know the local pho­to lab does same-day devel­op­ing of medi­um for­mat colour film. Back in Water­loo, it would take 24 hours and would cost more too!

The longer I live in this town, the more I like it. I hard­ly miss Water­loo. Well, I do miss the Princess Cin­e­mas, and the Asian restau­rants on Uni­ver­si­ty, and the Water­loo Park (most­ly for sen­ti­men­tal rea­sons; we got mar­ried there), and Con­esto­ga Mall, but oth­er than that, not real­ly. We drove through Water­loo on our way to Elo­ra on Sat­ur­day and noticed that not much had changed, which was kind of dis­ap­point­ing. For some rea­sons, I was expect­ing Water­loo to have trans­formed into a bustling metrop­o­lis while I wasn’t look­ing. I’m sil­ly that way.

I was expect­ing some­thing sim­i­lar would hap­pen to our cher­ry tree. The morn­ing after we plant­ed the tree, I had to check if the tree had grown a foot taller overnight. Of course it hadn’t. I almost wish we could skip win­ter so I could see the cher­ry blos­soms. Almost. But win­ter is my favourite sea­son. How could I skip it? Well, I would prob­a­bly skip it for Troy if I could because I love him and stuff and he hates win­ter.
Geez Louise, blog­ging every day is tough. And it’s only Day 3 of NaBloPo­Mo! C’mon, peo­ple! Cheer me on! If you’re a lurk­er, please delurk! Tell me I can do it! Sug­gest some top­ics for me to blog about! Please pret­ty please with sug­ar on top?

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  1. Blog about:
    1. The dif­fer­ences in your life since you moved to Cana­da.
    2. A day in the life of a Fir­da
    3. Blog about some­thing you would absolute­ly NEVER nor­mal­ly blog about — reli­gion, pol­i­tics, sex, vio­lence, rock’n’roll, yeast infec­tions…
    Okay, so I ran out of ideas there, but more will come! (I only just got up, I can’t be expect­ed to think clear­ly!) x

  2. Some places are just more mem­o­rable than oth­ers, I guess.
    Yes, this blog­ging marathon is tir­ing, but it’s going to be worth all the effort. We can do it!
    You can blog about the first pho­to­graph you’ve ever tak­en. I’m curi­ous how you start­ed out.

  3. Hi! I’m a lurk­er!
    How about you talk about an obscure movie that you real­ly like and would want oth­ers to go find it and watch it.
    Or about books you read grow­ing up? I’m always look­ing for sug­ges­tions to add to my “To Read” list

  4. De-lurk­ing here. I sec­ond the sto­ry of your first pho­to­graph and real­ly enjoy the sto­ries you tell of liv­ing in Indone­sia.

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