On Being Internetless


I wrote this post on Friday because I will be without Internet access on Saturday. If everything went just as planned, last night we would have celebrated a friend's birthday in a pub. Troy would've bought the birthday boy a drink and I would've had a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of mouth-watering cake.

Then earlier today we would've headed out to Toronto to check out a group art show to benefit Canadian Cancer Society called Picture The Cure in a gallery in Kensington Market where I have two pictures for sale (actually one of them is already sold, twice!) and then we would've gone to the newly-reopened Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) which is now sporting the architecture of Frank Gehry. We would've enjoyed the free admissions that came with visiting during the re-opening weekend. We would've met up with some Toronto friends. I would've taken a bunch of pictures of downtown Toronto.

Tomorrow we'd be visiting Troy's grandma in a nursing home and we'd probably stop by a particular bakery on our way down to get some cream-laden chocolate eclairs that we crave for every now and then. We would've bought some for Troy's grandma as well, which wouldn't be good for her since she's diabetic, but she loves the eclairs.

I will let you know what we actually ended up doing this weekend tomorrow night. Until then, have a good weekend!

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  1. Lance
    November 15, 2008

    The pho­tos are great! Can­cer is doing a lot of bad things to this world, but it’s com­fort­ing to know that our treat­ments are get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter.


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