On Being Broke

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I’m talk­ing about me, not us. I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to get­ting paid for a pho­to assign­ment I did for a mag­a­zine in August. The pho­tos have made an appear­ance in the mag­a­zine but the cheque still hasn’t showed up in my mail­box. Sigh. I just want to start and be done with my Christ­mas shop­ping! I’m only shop­ping for Troy, though. But his birth­day is also in Decem­ber so it’s like dou­ble the shop­ping. I don’t mind spend­ing a big chunk of mon­ey on Troy because he’s spoil­ing me rot­ten all year long.

So, let’s see, worst case sce­nario, I just have to rely on the mon­ey I get from Google Adsense and Text Link Ads at the end of the month to do all the shop­ping. It’s not much, but I can always impro­vise. Today I relist­ed some items on Etsy and I’m cross­ing my fin­gers that some­one will buy a print or two. I even made a sock mon­key for a lit­tle bit of cash. Troy would offer me to use HIS mon­ey to buy HIS presents but, seri­ous­ly, how lame would that be?

Yeah, I know. Con­sumerism sucks, but what can I say. I love buy­ing Troy stuff and I only got to do it once a year!

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  1. lol @ buy­ing him present with HIS mon­ey… hus­band loves to buy me stuff and he’s always broke, by the end of the month I always end­ed up giv­ing him allowance from my allowance!

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