Not Nice

Seagull and Water Bottle

We woke up to a very fog­gy morn­ing. I think it was because the sun was out yes­ter­day. The sun is out today, too. We might wake up to anoth­er fog­gy morn­ing tomor­row. I want­ed to take pic­tures of all the fogs but fog­gy morn­ing in the sub­urb doesn’t real­ly look all that dra­mat­ic so I put down the cam­era and laid myself flat on my back in bed with no pil­lows under my head. I felt the most com­fort­able feel­ing I’d felt in weeks.

My stom­ach had just start­ed feel­ing bet­ter when my peri­od began. Now it’s feel­ing like crap again. Ugh! Peri­ods suck. The only edi­ble thing that can soothe my stom­ach seems to be the water­mel­on. Too bad water­mel­ons are so expen­sive at this time of year. And I only have a few slices left.

We need to do gro­cery shop­ping. It’s not even a week yet since the last time we did gro­cery shop­ping. But the last time, we picked up most­ly veg­eta­bles. Veg­eta­bles, they’re gone real­ly quick­ly. All you have to do is cook once. Oh bad food, how I miss thee! But my stom­ach doesn’t like you any­more.

I was run­ning out of rice yes­ter­day, but I still had plen­ty of gluti­nous rice. I cooked the gluti­nous rice because I want­ed to make some fried rice for lunch. But once fried, the final prod­uct looked like a big, herbal-y, lumpy goop. Didn’t look all that appe­tiz­ing. I ate some any­way because I was hun­gry but I threw the rest away. It didn’t taste all that great either.

I’ve been lis­ten­ing to Cat Pow­er all morn­ing. Her voice soothes me. Troy thinks she’s creepy. I don’t know why.

Once I want­ed to be the great­est
Two fists of sol­id rock
With brains that could explain
Any feel­ing
Cat Pow­er, The Great­est

I should show­er and go for a walk. Maybe it will make me feel bet­ter and less com­plainy.

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  1. That might just be me. Troy and I did a quick gro­cery shop­ping there some time after 8:30pm. You should’ve said hi. :)

  2. I was tempt­ed to, but I’m not sure who would have got­ten more creeped out.
    “Hi, I know you from the inter­nets.”?

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