(Not) Hallowe’en (Anymore)

Stormy Sky

So, how many trick-or-treaters came knock­ing on your door yes­ter­day? We got 18! Might sound like a sad num­ber but it’s actu­al­ly 18 more than we’re used to. As some of you know, up to July this year, we lived in a Water­loo apart­ment with shady neigh­bours. Well, not all of them were shady but some of them were. It was very wise of the par­ents not to let their kids go trick-or-treat­ing to our build­ing. Either that or kids just don’t go trick-or-treat­ing to apart­ment build­ings as a rule.

Any­way, out of the 18 kids, the last three didn’t wear a cos­tume. But since I wasn’t the one who came out to hand the kids choco­late bars, it wasn’t a big deal. Would’ve been a big deal oth­er­wise because I do think it’s unfair to the cos­tume-wear­ing kids. I mean, by wear­ing cos­tume, the kids enter­tain us and so they earn the treats. The non-cos­tume-wear­ing kids just don’t deserve it. Maybe I just over­think it. I don’t know. It didn’t both­er Troy so it shouldn’t have both­ered me.

Do you remem­ber what cos­tume you were wear­ing on your first Hallowe’en? The first time I went to a Hallowe’en par­ty, I was already 25 years old, so of course I remem­ber what I was wear­ing. This was back in Indone­sia dur­ing my first job when I worked with a bunch of expa­tri­ates. I was wear­ing my ver­sion of a pirate cos­tume. It was basi­cal­ly just black pants, a stripey t-shirt, a black shirt on top of it and a ban­dan­na. I didn’t put too much effort into it because it was a com­pa­ny Hallowe’en par­ty and I’d expect­ed that it would be kind of lame, and it was. Sad­ly.

My sec­ond Hallowe’en par­ty was here in Cana­da back in 2004. It was actu­al­ly a buck-and-doe slash Hallowe’en par­ty. Any­way, I went as Miss Uni­verse. I wore a dark rain­coat with a bunch of star stick­ers on it and a dol­lar store tiara. My cos­tume didn’t win me any­thing but I did win a door prize that night. It was a waf­fle-mak­er and it has got­ten a lot of use since.

I don’t remem­ber exact­ly when I carved my first Hallowe’en pump­kin. It was either last year or two years ago. Any­way, I tried to carve the old-timey Strong­bad but it didn’t work very well. I think I carved the pump­kin a week before Hal­loween and since our apart­ment was like the warmest apart­ment in the world, when Hallowe’en came, the pump­kin was already in the garbage because it got moldy real­ly quick­ly and looked kind of gross so we had to throw it out. The pump­kin in the pic­ture above is Troy’s mas­ter­piece. Doesn’t it look awe­some? Mine sucked so much that I’d rather not show it to you. And I don’t know why the pic­ture is so blur­ry. The orig­i­nal is not blur­ry.

By the way, check out the Kids Hal­loween Can­dy Code. I don’t know if it’s real but it’s amus­ing nonethe­less. My favourite is the code for Werther’s Orig­i­nals. I love those can­dies, even if they’re con­sid­ered old peo­ple can­dies. Well, I think that’s all for today, kids. I have to go because I have so many left­over choco­late bars to eat before bed­time!

Just kid­ding.

Or am I?

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  1. I haven’t gone to any Hal­loween par­ty yet because it’s not as pop­u­lar in the Philip­pines as it is in that part of the globe.
    Imag­ine my shock when, yes­ter­day, three kids sud­den­ly yelled at the gate, demand­ing for can­dies. Cer­tain­ly I had none, so I just kept qui­et and pre­tend­ed I wasn’t there.
    Maybe next time, kids.

  2. Black bin­bag. Stuffed leg from a pair for tights strapped to my bum. Hair­band with two black tri­an­gles sel­l­otaped on.
    That was pret­ty much my first sev­er­al Hallowe’en cos­tumes — oh, how I longed for a Mum who could sew! I’ve already promised any future kids that they will have AWESOME cos­tumes!

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