Not a TV Junkie. Or Am I in Denial?

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So, what are the TV shows you’re look­ing for­ward to the most this fall? I’m only look­ing for­ward to Lost and Grey’s Anato­my. Sure I watch more than just two shows but I’ve tak­en shows like Law & Order and CSI for grant­ed. They always return.
I don’t think I’m a TV junkie because I don’t care about miss­ing any of the shows I watch. If I missed it then I missed it. I won’t try down­load­ing the episode I missed from a tor­rent site or any­thing. Even if I learned lat­er that a main char­ac­ter in the show was killed in the episode I missed, I’d just acknowl­edge it and that’s about it.
That might not apply for Lost and Grey’s Anato­my, though. But I might be wrong. I mean, if Troy didn’t try so hard to keep up with those two shows by tap­ing it if we know we’re going to miss it or down­load it if we missed it with­out tap­ing it, I prob­a­bly wouldn’t care either.
TV has nev­er been a big part of my life. Before the Inter­net, I’d rather spend my time day­dream­ing about the day when I made my escape than watch­ing TV. And once I got an Inter­net con­nec­tion at home, I’d rather be online than watch­ing TV. That still applies today.
Bot­tom line is, I’m not a TV junkie because TV doesn’t rule my life. I won’t adjust my life to fit TV timetable. But then again, I rarely can remem­ber when the TV shows I watch are on and on what chan­nel.
No, scratch that. I’m not a TV junkie because remem­ber­ing the show­times and all the chan­nels is sim­ply Too. Much. Work.

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  1. My “Must See” list right now con­sists of (in no par­tic­u­lar order) Prison Break, The Office, Lost, Crim­i­nal Minds, Num­b3rs, and Scrubs.
    I’m also look­ing for­ward to Gilmore Girls, and I’m inter­est­ed in Heroes and Six Degrees (J.J. Abrams’ new show). I caught the pre­miere of Kid­napped and it also seems pret­ty high-qual­i­ty.
    I’ve also been enjoy­ing Eure­ka, Psych, and Monk.

  2. Oh, by the way, I total­ly agree with your last two para­graphs. For­tu­nate­ly, the inter­net makes TV sched­ules total­ly irrel­e­vant, which means I watch TV only on my own sched­ule. I don’t even know what chan­nel some of my favorite shows are on.

  3. Heroes looks like it might be inter­est­ing. I’ve nev­er heard of Six Degrees before but it sounds inter­est­ing as well. Not sure if any Cana­di­an TV sta­tions will syn­di­cate it, though. I hope they will.

  4. Watch­ing TV can be great, but I’m Sooooo! sick of repeats. They adver­tise new episodes but end up being repeats. For all the mon­ey the TV sta­tions make you would think they could afford to keep the new episodes on until the end of the sea­son. (not cut them off halfway through.)

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