New Specs and Jayne Cobb’s Hat

So I got new specs! It’s frame #5 (see this post) with the same, old pre­scrip­tion. The optometrist didn’t find any changes in my eyes, and, unlike the last time two years ago, he didn’t men­tion any­thing about glau­co­ma. Maybe it’s dis­ap­peared, maybe I nev­er had it in the first place. Who knows. I don’t even need bifo­cals yet, so yay to my eyes for doing great! I need to keep eat­ing a lot of car­rots.

Here’s a pic­ture of me wear­ing the new specs:

my new specs

Please ignore the fact that the thing didn’t sit right on my nose. It’s been two days since I got it and I still need to adjust it sev­er­al times a day just so it sits right. I’ll get it right even­tu­al­ly. In case you’ve been so dis­tract­ed by the huge pores on my nose and missed it, I’m not great at mod­el­ling any­thing.

That hat I’m wear­ing in the pic­ture is sup­posed to be a Jayne Cobb’s hat, except it’s cro­cheted instead of knit­ted because I don’t know how to knit. Jayne Cobb, to the unini­ti­at­ed, is the badass guy from the Joss Whedon’s trag­i­cal­ly can­celled TV show “Fire­fly”. Let’s take a look at the fol­low­ing image for com­par­i­son:

hers and his

As you can see, mine is a pret­ty poor imi­ta­tion. Even the yarn colours are not right. But I was only using thrift­ed yarns I had in my stash to make it and those were all I got that remote­ly resem­ble the authen­tic colours. Also, I real­ly should’ve cro­cheted more rounds with the yel­low yarn because the way it is, the hat has too much orange. Oh well. Ver­sion 2.0 will be bet­ter. If there’s ever a ver­sion 2.0.

In case you’re inter­est­ed in cro­chet­ing one for your­self, I used this pat­tern to make the hat, fol­lowed this video to make the ear flaps, and fol­lowed this tuto­r­i­al to make the pom-pom. 

I did make a few adjust­ments. I cro­cheted a few extra rounds with the orange yarn, fold­ed up three rounds to imi­tate the ribbed edge and stitched it around with a plas­tic nee­dle. I also cro­cheted the ear flaps sep­a­rate­ly and attached them to the hat lat­er. I just found it eas­i­er. Mak­ing the pom-pom was the biggest pain in the butt but only because I didn’t have a sharp pair of scis­sors handy. And there you have it!

I shall end this post with a deligh­ful­ly goofy song about Jayne’s hat:

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