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A cou­ple of weeks ago, our 6 years old com­put­er start­ed to freeze ran­dom­ly. It was still bear­able at first but then it hap­pened more and more fre­quent­ly to the point of being annoy­ing. (Got­ta love me for still blog­ging dur­ing that painful peri­od!) Well, it annoyed Troy more than it did me, to be hon­est. And I was the one who was using the com­put­er most of the time. But then again, I’m used to using quirky com­put­ers. I had one for years back in Indone­sia. Any­way, we tried every­thing we could (or could be both­ered to try) to fix the prob­lem but to no avail. That was when we decid­ed to bite the bul­let and buy a new one.

The first com­put­er we con­sid­ered cost as much as a Canon Dig­i­tal Rebel XT with two kit lens­es. It was way out of our bud­get. The sec­ond one cost as much as a Nikon D50 body, which isn’t too cheap, but not too expen­sive either, and that’s the one we decid­ed to get. (And yes, I do com­pare any prices with dig­i­tal SLR cam­era prices when­ev­er pos­si­ble) Once we brought the new com­put­er home, we began the process of prepar­ing stuff to be moved from the old hard dri­ve to the new one. Fun. Not real­ly, though. But it had to be done. Of course I for­got to bring along my pre­cious col­lec­tion of Mac fonts for PC (any­one have some that they wouldn’t mind shar­ing?) but that’s to be expect­ed.

Then comes to funnest part (once again, not real­ly): con­nect­ing the old hard dri­ve to the new com­put­er for the trans­fer. Every­thing went rel­a­tive­ly smooth­ly, but only after Troy told the com­put­er that he was get­ting real­ly, real­ly pissed. While every­thing was being trans­ferred, we did some clean­ing around the apart­ment and Troy built a cou­ple of book­shelves to store some of our books. We have WAY too many books in this place that some­times I’m wor­ried that the apart­ment foun­da­tion will col­lapse from the weight of it.

Once everything’s trans­ferred and Troy installed one of our old hard dri­ves on the new com­put­er, I realised that the mon­i­tor didn’t dis­play the colour cor­rect­ly. One night, many hours, and three mon­i­tor cal­i­bra­tion soft­ware lat­er, we fig­ured out how to fix the prob­lem. I real­ly hope that we won’t have to get anoth­er new com­put­er in many, many years, just because the whole tran­si­tion is a big pain in the butt. I’m lov­ing our new com­put­er, though. It’s so fast com­pared to our old one. And I love how it has a built-in mem­o­ry card read­er. It makes it so much eas­i­er to trans­fer pho­tos from my dig­i­tal cam­eras to the com­put­er.

The pic­ture above, of course, is of our shiny, new com­put­er. We haven’t even peeled off all the labels. And we didn’t buy that IKEA mouse pad from IKEA. We got it from Sal­va­tion Army in North Bay, of all places. Troy isn’t too con­vinced that it’s a mouse pad, though. He thinks it belongs to the kitchen, prob­a­bly because it looks like Won­der­bread plas­tic wrap­per. But it IS a mousepad!

The week­end went by so quick­ly because we were so busy. Too quick­ly, even. I’m miss­ing Troy already.

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  1. We weren’t real­ly that busy. It just seemed like we were busy because of all the new com­put­er set­ting up that was going on.
    Oh and if you want to trans­fer your mac fonts we can set up the old com­put­er again and trans­fer them to a CF card then move them over to the new one. It wouldn’t be that painful. :)

  2. Fir­da,
    I’ve been enjoy­ing your site for a cou­ple months now and it’s great!! I’m grate­ful­ly using your Fir­damat­ic lay­out in Blog­ger, and every­thing works beau­ti­ful­ly except for when I write num­bered and bul­let­ed lists through the Com­pose win­dow. The font shows up real­ly huge, and it only goes to the right size if I make it “Tiny,” but even then, the lines are dou­ble spaced instead of sin­gle spaced. For exam­ple:
    The rest of my blog looks fine. Any tips on how I can use the bul­let­ed and num­bered list fea­tures in the Com­pose win­dow with­out screw­ing up the way the posts appear on my blog? (This doesn’t hap­pen in oth­er tem­plates.) It’s a mys­tery to me. Thanks so much!!

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