New Glasses!

So I’m back home again. Well, I’ve been home since the 18th but I just didn’t really have anything to post. But now I actually have something to post because, after being stuck with a pair of glasses with lenses as thick as the bottom of a Coke bottle for 8 years, I finally got myself a new pair of glasses with thinner lenses and all, and they are so cool! The frame colour is so close to my skin colour that when you see me from a distance, you’d think that I’m not wearing glasses at all. Here’s a picture of me wearing the said glasses. Isn’t it the coolest pair of glasses you’ve ever seen? ;) Well, maybe not. But I really, really, really like it. And that’s about all the excitement I’ve got since I got back to Indonesia. Sad, huh?

On a happier note, I’ll probably be going back to Canada again within a month because I don’t think I’ve annoyed the boy enough. Plus, he still owes me some authentic, Quebec-made poutine and a couple more hiking trips. :) I miss all the hiking trips almost as much as I miss my hiking companion.
Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know that I’m still alive because you care. Right? Right? I know you do. :) Now go out and breathe some fresh air for me. Go, go, go!!!

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  1. Hey, you’re glasses look great!
    Also glad to hear that you’re coming back, Poutine, from Quebec is so disgustingly good!

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