Never the One for Predictability

Dead Tree

I've kind of fallen out of love with digital photography. I don't know how or when it happened but I just did. I'm in love with film and vintage cameras. I love how unpredictable the results are. I love the excitement of getting rolls of film back from the photo lab, how I always can't wait to scan the negatives. With digital photography, everything is just so quick, so instant, so predictable. I'm not a purist. Hell no. I love Photoshop and the latest and greatest digital cameras make me drool. I guess I just don't like things to be predictable. That's why I always modify recipes when I'm cooking. I want the final products to be unpredictable.

Hopefully I'll fall in love all over again with digital photography when I get my very own digital SLR camera. Troy and I are going to start saving up for one very soon. We're thinking of getting the Pentax K10D, which is not even in the market yet. In addition to having a built-in shake reduction system, it has "weather and dust resistant body that incorporates CCD Dust Removal system". Sounds perfect for the careless me. :) Of course we still have to check out the reviews for this camera to see if its performance matches what's on paper. If it turned out to be a piece of crap then we'd probably just pick up either the Pentax K100D or the Canon Digital Rebel XTi . No Nikons for us because we have no Nikon lenses we could use in our collection.

I have two rolls of film to finish this weekend. One is from the Rolleicord and another from the Holga. I've been using lens attachments intended for some obsolete instamatic camera with the Holga. I attached the lens to the Holga with a piece of duct tape. Why? Because Holga is just not unpredictable enough for me! ;)


  1. Jacqueline
    September 16, 2006

    This pho­to of a tree is very nice and sug­estible…

  2. michel v
    September 20, 2006

    Hey Fir­da, always nice to see some­one exper­i­ment­ing with oth­er forms of pho­tog­ra­phy!
    I’m keen on try­ing some­thing new, but I couldn’t part with the imme­di­ate feed­back that a dSLR gives, so I decid­ed that I would mount either old lens­es or down­right ridicu­lous lens­es.
    Most recent­ly, I butchered a Diana toy cam­era to mount its lens on my 350d, and the results can real­ly be fun. Here’s one of my ear­ly tries with it. I should post the oth­ers some­day. :)


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