My Mother’s Daughter

Basking in the Sun

My moth­er always enjoyed spend­ing time with me, but I think, if she was alive, she would enjoy it even more now because we’d have more shared inter­ests than we ever had before she passed away:

  1. Gar­den­ing. My moth­er was an avid gar­den­er. No plants could die under her super­vi­sion. I could nev­er be as good at gar­den­ing as she was, but I try.
  2. Sewing. One of my favourite mem­o­ries is of me falling asleep on her bed while she was sit­ting and sewing beside me. She sewed every­thing by hand!
  3. Mid-cen­tu­ry mod­ern fur­ni­ture. I grew up in a house full of mid-cen­tu­ry mod­ern fur­ni­ture. I believe my moth­er picked our pieces of fur­ni­ture. She got great taste.
  4. Doc­tor Who. My moth­er watched the show when she was liv­ing in Eng­land in the 60s. She’d make Doc­tor Who ref­er­ences every now and then that I wished I’d under­stood, but I nev­er watched any Doc­tor Who until I got to Cana­da.
  5. Do-it-your­self projects. My moth­er always said that if you want any­thing done right, you do it your­self. It was her mantra and it’s become mine, too.
  6. The colour green. But I don’t think she’d approve of the shades of green I picked for our liv­ing room walls. Too bright for her taste.

Oh, we’d have so much to talk about.

I miss her.

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  1. Hi Fir­da, I read this post­ing yes­ter­day then today I went to pub­lic library near­by our house.. what a sur­prise when I browsed look­ing for DVD to bor­row, I found Doc­tor Who ser­i­al, your mama’s fav.. so I guess if you are curi­ous about it you should be able to get it from you local pub­lic library..

  2. The thing is, I’m not sure I want to watch the 1960 ver­sion of Doc­tor Who because the spe­cial effects would be even more laugh­able than the recent ver­sions! :D Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the recent ver­sions but the spe­cial effects are still pret­ty bad! Thanks for the thought, though. That was very nice of you. :)

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