My Humps and Moon River

I haven’t post­ed any­thing to my Vox account in ages (I wouldn’t even put a link to it) but today I decid­ed to surf around Vox out of bore­dom and I came across a post with a video of Ala­nis Moris­sette doing a hilar­i­ous par­o­dy of Black Eyed Peas (hor­ri­ble) song, “My Humps”:

She doesn’t make the song any bet­ter but at least the video is fun­ny. Not to say that the orig­i­nal Black Eyed Peas video is not fun­ny. Just see it for your­self (behind the cut):

At least Ala­nis meant it to be fun­ny, and it worked, while Black Eyed Peas seem to be try­ing to look cool, but failed mis­er­ably.

Anoth­er cool thing I found through Vox is a group called Cov­ers (as in cov­er songs) where I found this post on the song Moon Riv­er — one of my most favourite songs ever (I even sang it to my dying moth­er) — and its cov­ers. But the coolest part is, I learned from the com­ment that Moon Riv­er is actu­al­ly in Ontario! The Wikipedia has this to say about the loca­tion of Moon Riv­er:

The Moon Riv­er is a riv­er in west cen­tral Ontario, Cana­da, which flows from Bala Bay on Lake Musko­ka and emp­ties into Geor­gian Bay south of Par­ry Sound.

It doesn’t men­tion any­thing about it being the Moon Riv­er from the song, but still, I’m going to have to find that place some time since it’s not real­ly that far away from Troy’s cot­tage.

Oh the things you found when you were bored!

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