My Grandma Diana


When I go thrift­ing, I am real­ly drawn to Things That Could’ve Belonged to Someone’s Grand­ma™. You see, the only grand­moth­er I ever knew died when I was 3 years old. She was my grand­ma from my mother’s side. Her name was Diana. I only got to know her through the sto­ries my moth­er told me. Her mantra, that lat­er became my mum’s and now has become mine, was “if you don’t have a lot of mon­ey, you have to have a lot of ideas.” It was a nec­es­sary mantra for my grand­ma to have, since she had to raise a bunch of kids (I think she and my grand­pa had 7 or 8 9 off­springs, only 6 sur­vived, all girls) in a time of war when food was scarce. I remem­ber my mum telling me about how they used to have to split one chick­en egg between her and her sis­ters at meal­time when they were kids.

My grand­ma was a home­mak­ing teacher. I like to think that I got my crafti­ness from her. Well, my mum was pret­ty crafty, too. I guess it’s in the gene and I inher­it­ed that gene. But still, I can’t help wish­ing I’d inher­it­ed some­thing less abstract from her to have as a keep­sake. Hence my fas­ci­na­tion with Things That Could’ve Belonged to Someone’s Grand­ma™, which is a lit­tle iron­ic con­sid­er­ing my grand­ma nev­er had much in terms of world­ly pos­ses­sions. But she could’ve. She could’ve had that recipe card box in the pic­ture above in her kitchen and the hand­writ­ing on the recipe cards could’ve been hers.

If my grand­ma were alive, she’d be 100 years old on May 24. And you know what? I’m going to cel­e­brate it. I don’t know yet how, but I am going to give her a love­ly cen­ten­ni­al.

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